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Streamline network efficiency and enrich customer experience.

Syniverse Data Experience Optimization empowers you to bypass network integration requirements, so you can rapidly reduce time to market, deliver a high-quality data experience and reduce costs.

Our product decreases data volumes with no impact on experience, improving network efficiency while prolonging data-pack life. It uses secure Wi-Fi to make data usage safe on public networks. And it swiftly selects Wi-Fi or cellular-based on current performance, eliminating the frustration of hanging onto Wi-Fi.

For more technical details, download our Data Experience Optimization reference architecture.

High-Quality Data + Decreased Costs
Reduce data volumes by up to 70% to decrease roaming costs.
Elevate Customer Satisfaction
Major U.S. MNO cites 53% of users reporting improved satisfaction.
Minds the Gap
Eliminates dead zones and “Wi-Fi hanging.”
Make data packs last longer.

Patented bitrate-limiting technology reduces the amount of data consumed during video streaming without any impact on the viewing experience, so your customer’s data pack lasts much longer.

Major Asia Pacific operator reported 67% video data saved.

Increase network efficiencies, reduce roaming costs.

Because your customer’s data pack lasts longer, less of your network resources are consumed, giving you hard cost savings when that customer roams onto a partner network.

Major U.S. MVNO reported 1 gig per user, per month.

Boost subscriber experience with seamless Wi-Fi transition.

Wi-Fi hanging damages the essence of the mobile experience, because it’s triggered by a subscriber moving from one environment to the other. Think of service being disrupted after leaving a building and getting into a car, for example. Wi-Fi Cellular Bonding accelerates the handoff between technologies, promoting service continuity with a configurable distribution preference between Wi-Fi and cellular that you can set.

Major U.S. MNO reported a Wi-Fi session per customer, per day improved by Cellular Bonding.

Remove security concerns while driving usage.

Our secure Wi-Fi uses SmartVPN, which means it works differently. By operating on the device, it fully protects the data moving to and from the device, apps and web servers. But it’s smarter than traditional VPNs, automatically detecting when a subscriber joins a Wi-Fi network, then seamlessly turning on.

Major global MNO reported 150% more Wi-Fi usage resulting in 30% cellular offload with a secure and seamless Wi-Fi experience.

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