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Verify identity information provided by customers in real time.

The continuous rise of digital adoption and usage provides even more opportunities for fraudsters to steal legitimate identities or create fake ones. And as advancement in technology evolves, it can be challenging for businesses to identify suspicious activity when it occurs.

For instance, when customers provide their contact information, how do you know they are who they say they are? With Right Party Verification (RPV), Syniverse's phone number verification API, the identity of customers is verified against several trusted and authoritative sources instantly, so businesses can identify in real time when a person’s identity is likely in the process of getting stolen and prevent fraudulent activity.

New Account Fraud
Victim information used to open a new credit account.
Call Center Fraud
Total losses in one year from contact center fraud.
Merchants claiming fraudulent transactions is one of their greatest concerns during the pandemic.
Ensure new customer accounts are legitimate.

At the moment a new user account is created, use RPV to verify the person is who they say they are.

This ensures that the person registering for an account is using legitimate information and confirms that there are trusted sources that match the name and mobile phone number being used to create their account.

Rightparty PP1
Seamlessly verify the identity of incoming callers.

When customers call into your customer care line, it is important to ensure that caller is the actual customer they are claiming to be.

With RPV, the phone number calling in is automatically checked against sources to ensure there is a match between the phone number and the account user’s name.

Rightparty PP2
Make sure you are reaching the right person.

Due to most interactions between businesses and customers being digital, it can extremely difficult to verify that the phone number you have on record is actually for the person you are calling.

With Right Party Verification, your employees can have confidence they are calling the person they intend to, making sure the phone number on record for your customer matches the information found through our trusted, authoritative sources.

Rightparty PP3

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