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Your single source for global cellular data coverage.

Get global connectivity to over 200 countries. Complete control over your data. That’s what Syniverse Global SIM gives you. With an intuitive interface, our Platform as a Service (PaaS) enables comprehensive policy administration over every device in your program. And because Global SIM uses a single physical or digital SIM card, it’s easier than ever to reach people and things anywhere on the planet.

For more technical details, download our Global SIM reference architecture.

Network Connections
Connects you to nearly 600 networks.
Global Coverage
Works in nearly 200 countries.
Always There
Global customer support, anytime.
PaaS puts you in control—from deployment to management.

Global SIM can be deployed in the way that works best for you, whether that’s on-premise, via the cloud, or as a hybrid. And when it comes to policy control, there’s nothing like Global SIM. You get total power over your data via policy management, analytics, or an API for your customers integrating into their own apps or platforms.

Global SIM also gives you precise specification of data-usage parameters—like only allowing connectivity in certain destinations, for a 24-hour period, with a 2 GB limit and a speed restriction of 256 k/bs.

Global IMSI VP1
Innovative intelligence and insights.

Our comprehensive business intelligence gives you all the visibility into your solution that you need. In fact, you'll see your business so clearly, you'll be able to identify more opportunities for monetization than ever before.

Global IMSI VP2
More than a SIM—your platform to the world.

No matter what challenge you’re trying to solve, Global SIM is at the center of the solution. When connected through our IPX Network which is secure and also separate from the internet, Global SIM shields your device communications from the threats of the public internet. Combined with our Syniverse Total Visibility analytics tool, Global SIM gives you unparalleled insight into service performance. And when used with Syniverse Universal Commerce blockchain-based clearing and settlement offering, you can monetize any use case you can imagine.

Global IMSI VP3

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