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Transforming challenges into business opportunities

Grow your roaming revenues. Expand your global footprint with our team of testing experts and consultants. That's the promise of Syniverse’s Global Services, whether you want to outsource or extend your existing roaming business to prepare for future requirements including 5G and IoT readiness.

Unrivaled Experience
35 years of mobile expertise.
Global Footprint
Securely reach more than 7 billion devices worldwide.
Trusted Worldwide
More than half of global operators trust Syniverse to outsource roaming services.
Give your customers the freedom to roam seamlessly around the world.  

Your roaming business is full of untapped opportunity. Our experts will help you unleash it. With our Roaming Management Services, you can enhance customer experience by preventing roaming  bill shock and expanding your coverage, and streamline your operations to maximize revenue.   

  • Roaming agreement management
  • Roaming testing, IREG/TADIG, Voice, SMS, GPRS, LTE, VoLTE,5G SA, and 5G NSA Testing
  • IR.21 management service
  • Data management
  • Roaming business intelligence
  • BCE management
  • Roaming financial management

Outsourcing and Consulting VP2
Monitor your network 24/7 and safeguard your customer experience

Combining our robust network solution sets with managed services optimizes your roaming business, increase revenue and reduce risk exposure. Whether you want to evaluate your current network capabilities and map future requirements for 5G and IoT readiness or stabilize your network and secure your subscribers’ data in real-time, Syniverse Global Services has your solution:

  • Network security services
  • Network surveillance services
  • Network readiness services
  • Network provisioning services
Outsourcing and Consulting VP3

Carrier Global Services

Every industry faces unique challenges, and Syniverse can provide the right set of tools to tackle them. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for a custom solution.

  • What can our outsourcing and consulting experts do for mobile virtual network operators? Harness new opportunities in 5G. Ensure your network stability. Reduce your risk of cyberattacks. Prepare your network for new technology advances. It’s all so you can expand your global reach now and into the future.

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