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Mobile Policy Control Center

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Take control of your roaming business.

Roaming profitability. Wholesale cost exposure. Service adoption. Revenue growth. Syniverse Mobile Policy Control Center puts you in command of your business while empowering subscribers to take control of their usage.

Figuring out what needs to change to boost your bottom line is easy. Actually initiating change is the hard part—but that’s where we come in.

By sending offers to customers in the moments they seek connectivity and letting them opt-in as they wish, you become the hero of their story. And by influencing how much you pay your partners, you remain in control of yours too.

For more technical details, download our Mobile Policy Control Center reference architecture.

Organically Drive Revenue With Comfortable Customers
20x increase in overall usage
Lift Chargeable Roaming Data
Provider reported 133% year-over-year increase.
Net New Roaming Revenue
Major operator earned $9.4 million in new roaming revenue.
The world’s #1 platform for increasing roaming profitability.

Mobile Policy Control Center is used by some of the world’s biggest communications providers. This means that our mobile policy management solution covers more individual subscribers than any other comparable product.

Its comprehensive set of capabilities deliver a range of positive business outcomes that come with roaming profitability. It gives you options to influence your costs and is proven on executing revenue-generating campaigns. But more than that, it enriches the mobile experience through tailored engagement. And it's doing that for millions of subscribers across the globe today.

Activate increased usage from silent and low-spending roamers.

Deploy contextual offers based on subscriber preference, immersing them in your brand and driving loyalty, all using real-time, need-based marketing.

Engage customers by driving them to your brand portal. Make an offer easily accessible based on their usage preferences. Optimize the mobile experience with the heightened need for connectivity in the roaming environment in mind. Convert silent roamers into a new segment of revenue-generating customers.

Provide usage transparency to subscribers, reducing wholesale costs.

Real-time spending transparency helps alleviate bill shock anxiety, eliminate high roaming bills, and reduce exposure to associated wholesale cost write-offs.

Getting the offer right is important, but giving the purchaser control over how they use it is a cornerstone of the experience. Mobile Policy Control Center provides subscribers with customizable facilities to effortlessly monitor their usage in real time. Not only that, it sets thresholds that make excessive consumption impossible. Instead, the option to renew is provided to drive repeat purchases. The subscriber is put in the driving seat, while your cost exposure to wholesale write-off is removed.

Utilize network resources more efficiently.

As the leading platform for roaming control and profitability, Mobile Policy Control Center puts you in control of your wholesale costs while optimizing subscriber experience and driving up service adoption and revenue.

Calculate thresholds based on usage distribution across the subscriber base. Identify heavy users who exceed that threshold and shape their data usage—in real time—to reduce costs paid to roaming partners. Apply optimization to all video streaming applications, and direct subscribers to your partners based on wholesale cost-preference using a captive portal.


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