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Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) status is increasingly important to company performance and overall success, and is used by multiple stakeholders to assess our wider societal contribution as well as the impact on decisions by investors whether to invest in our company. Syniverse has established its own ESG program, Syniverse RISE, promoting four pillars:

  • Responsibility to promote ethical practices
  • Inclusive culture for employees and the global community
  • Service integrity in performance, security and privacy
  • Environmental performance that protects the world.

Syniverse’s annual ESG reports outline company performance across a range of topics from energy use to diversity in the workforce. Click the covers below to review each report.

2023 Report
2023 ESG Report Syniverse

2022 Report
2022 ESG Report Syniverse

2021 Report
2021 ESG Report Syniverse

Volunteer Service

Each year, our employees around the globe contribute many hours of their own time along with thousands of dollars to improve their communities. In previous years, these contributions have totaled up to 1,490 volunteer hours, $90,000 in employee donations and more than $94,000 in Syniverse donations. Locally, many of these charitable initiatives are spearheaded by our employee associations, which include a broad representation of employees at offices who are interested in contributing to their local areas.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our recent efforts:

North America

A group of Syniverse employees took the opportunity to give back to our community through their volunteer efforts. Employees assembled 8,370 pounds of food resulting in a total of 7,275 meals made available to residents in the Tampa Bay, Florida area by Feeding Tampa Bay.


Our Luxembourg office held a toy drive to collect items for children of refugees in Luxembourg, and donated about 30 bags of toys and childcare items to these children through the Luxembourg Red Cross.

Asia Pacific

A group from Syniverse’s Hong Kong office paid a visit to the Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Day Care Center for the Elderly to talk, interact and brighten the lives of senior residents who are cared for there.

Latin America

A group of ten Syniverse volunteers donated a weekend to work for two days in the construction and assembly of a house for a family living in conditions of socio-economic vulnerability with the TECHO foundation.

The TECHO foundation works in the construction of houses, sidewalks, communal halls and community infrastructure projects throughout Latin America. Life experiences are shared, as the team builds a house side-by-side, with the family that will later move in and start a new beginning.


80 employees from the Syniverse Bangalore office formed a team to run in a charity race called the TCS World 10K Bengaluru. Each team selects a charity to support and can raise funds to race for that organization. We joined over 24,000 other runners from different organizations and ran in a 10K race and 6K race through the streets of Bangalore’s central business district.

Charitable Giving

We also give back to our communities through donations made locally as well as companywide. As part of this, we let our employees vote annually on the charities that Syniverse supports as a company, and, at some offices, we offer a matching fund program through which the company matches individual employee donations, with employees being given an incentive of extra vacation time if they donate a certain amount.

With these programs in place, in 2018, we contributed over $230,000 of money to more than 10 different causes around the globe, including more than $115,000 raised by employees. Just some of the organizations included the United Way, the American Heart Association, the Smile Foundation(India), the Nirmaan Organization (India), 1. FC Winterhausen (Germany), and Text4Baby, among many others.

In addition, we provide in-kind technology services to support Text4baby, a U.S.-based education program that provides pregnant women and new mothers with free text messages containing information to help them care for their health and their babies’ health. In 2017, we provided over $180,000 in in-kind services to this program.

2018 Results


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causes around the globe

Environmental Sustainability

More and more, the world is depending on companies to make sustainable choices. Syniverse is committed to living up to this expectation by demonstrating leadership that will build a brighter, more sustainable future for our employees, customers, and communities around the globe. As part of this, we have established specific focus areas for our sustainability program, and we continue to consider other areas in which we can improve our environmental impact. View our Environmental and Sustainability Report to see our sustainability goals and key performance indicators and how we have performed this year.

Syniverse reports progress on environmental goals to CDP, a not-for-profit that runs the global disclosure system for companies and governments to report their environmental impacts. Click the links below to see Syniverse’s scores in 2018 and 2019 for Climate Change and Supplier Engagement.

Labor and Human Rights

Syniverse is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment free from harassment or discrimination of any kind. During its 33 years of existence, Syniverse has always established and implemented policies and procedures designed to encourage and ensure a work environment that meets this commitment. Beginning in 2020, Syniverse has decided to report key performance indicators in several areas it has deemed important to creating its desired work environment. Syniverse believes it is important to publicly report on these key performance indicators to demonstrate to both internal and external stakeholders the labor and human rights values Syniverse believes are important, the current state of its programs to promote these values, and improvements Syniverse plans to make, and over time, the progress Syniverse makes toward these improvements. View the report.