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RCS MaaP Aggregation and Rating Engine

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Increase customer engagement, generate incremental revenue and simplify onboarding of all enterprise/Bot traffic

Syniverse’s RCS MaaP Aggregation solution is the monetization engine for RCS A2P/P2A, as well as the centralized aggregation point through which all RCS A2P enters an operator’s network. It includes support for enterprise/Bot vetting and management, Syniverse’s RCS MaaP Rating Engine, and financial clearing, to create a unique monetization solution.

We developed a unique end-to-end, cloud-based solution that enables operators to quickly and accurately identify billable actions within an RCS A2P/P2A messaging session, and charge their enterprise partners accordingly by applying different rates to the various message types defined by specific criteria that these businesses send to customers across operators’ networks.

There are many chargeable message types within RCS A2P and P2A e-commerce-related conversations, opening the door to monetize these types of messages more efficiently and in a gainful manner, to move away from standard pricing that is typical for SMS A2P messages.

Large scale usage.
Scale of RCS user platform by the end of 2021.
Wasted funds.
Forecasted total of enterprises' digital RCS ad spend by 2028.
Migrated messages.
Number of white-route A2P SMS messages that migrated to RCS in 2020.
Manage enterprise connections to operator networks to help control A2P traffic.

Enjoy a comprehensive RCS monetization and customer management service providing operators with a cloud-based solution that further validates the message sender (enterprise) and Bots, while identifying billable actions through rating and reporting functions that structures charges accordingly—giving you the power to monetize the RCS A2P messages they deliver through comprehensive clearing and settlement capabilities.

01 Glyph Maap Agregation a
Rate RCS A2P messages based on the types enterprises are sending across the operators’ networks.

Whether event-based (per transaction), session-based (a specific number of messages sent over a specific period of time), or flat-rate (one price per message for a specific period of time), Syniverse’s rating engine provides real-time, as well as historical reporting and analytics by traffic type and revenues, and delivers both “rated data” or “pre-invoice data” required by Syniverse’s FCH systems that are necessary for accurate and efficient invoicing, billing and time-to-cash collection.

01 Glyph Maap Agregation b
Enable conversational commerce for enterprises and customers from their native messaging inbox.

Help bring messaging monetization back to the operator by connecting them to the MaaP ecosystem and enabling them to deliver a trusted communications channel for both mobile subscribers and enterprises alike.

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