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Add a layer of security to your customer authentication

Mobile communications are a key tool for brands to engage and authenticate their customers. However, not all brands have the layers of security necessary to protect their customers and prevent account takeover attempts. Mobile phones can be exploited through social engineering, allowing fraudsters to hijack phone numbers and impersonate customers. It is essential for businesses today to have the proper preventative solutions in place to avoid fraudulent incidents, such as SIM swap, SIM jacking or porting fraud.

Syniverse offers a solution called Account Takeover Detection that identifies and protects businesses and their customers by detecting account takeover fraud early. Accurate and secure account takeover fraud detection is one of the many ways we provide end-to-end protection for communications and connectivity.

Average Loss
Average loss per instance of SIM Swap fraud in 2020. Source: Action Fraud via Guardian
Fraud Losses
UK banks have encountered nearly $13 million in losses to account takeover fraud. Source: Daily Telegraph
Fraud Increase
SIM swap fraud has increased eightfold over the last five years. Source: Action Fraud via Guardian
Protect your business and assets.

One of the most significant threats to businesses today is account takeover fraud. Account takeover attacks occur when fraudsters use stolen login credentials to access a legitimate user's account. These attacks can have severe consequences for businesses, including financial losses, damage to brand reputation, and loss of customer trust.

Account takeover attacks are often difficult to detect because fraudsters may use the same login credentials that the legitimate user uses. Therefore, businesses must implement robust security measures to prevent account takeover attacks from occurring.

One effective solution is Account Takeover Detection. This solution uses advanced technologies to analyze user behavior and detect anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activity. For instance, if a user suddenly logs in from a different device or location, Account Takeover Detection can flag the account for further investigation.

By preventing fraud from happening with Account Takeover Detection, your business will:

•Protect brand image

•Reduce Customer Care escalations

•Decrease fraud losses

Image 01
Detect high risk events.

As businesses interact with customers on a larger scale, it becomes increasingly challenging to detect impersonated accounts. This is especially concerning because account takeover attacks can grant hackers unauthorized access to multiple user accounts, unlike stolen credit cards, which only provide access to one account. These attacks can cause significant damage if left undetected and unresolved, ultimately leading to a data breach.

Think about how many apps and websites—like WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger—require phone number verification. If a hacker gains control of your mobile phone number, they can receive those verification texts, and even send or receive calls.

Syniverse enables businesses to seamlessly verify whether a high-risk event occurs for a mobile number to prevent ATO fraud incidents from occurring. High risk events checked include:​

  • SIM change​
  • Number Porting​
  • Call Forwarding
Image 02
Minimize customer impact.

Not all activity is fraudulent, and too much customer engagement over trivial false positives can damage your customer relationships. When it comes to ATO fraud detection, accuracy is essential to creating a positive customer experience. You need to be able to maximize security without bombarding your customers with security checks at every turn.

With Account Takeover Detection we ensure you only engage your customer when necessary by differentiating between high risk and low risk threats with a configurable risk window and timestamp data.

Image 03

Secure authentication

A fraudster tries to purchase an item online by impersonating a customer. He has acquired all the personal information needed to pass through the typical security and authentication measures. However, ATO Detection detects that the transaction is coming from a different SIM and malicious activity may be occurring. Instead of allowing this transaction to occur, ATO Detection enables the business to take further action.

Unlike a reactive fraud detection system that alerts customers after unauthorized transactions are completed, our proactive approach prevents loss and reduces customer headaches.

  • Protecting Data Access

    Similarly, fraudsters can try to access personal data such as healthcare or financial information through the same means. Our fraud detection system identifies high-risk events early when the other layers of defense have been penetrated, keeping the customer’s sensitive data from being exposed.

  • Open Banking Regulatory Compliance

    This added protection of sensitive data, like bank accounts and other types of financial accounts, is crucial and has been deemed necessary by Open Banking and Financial laws. Use ATO Fraud Detection to comply with PSD2 and other regulations.

  • Conversational Commerce

    While ATO Detection adds a vital extra layer of security, it does so within a business’ existing points of customer contact and does not impact the customer experience. Businesses can seamlessly integrate account takeover fraud prevention with chatbots during customer conversations to verify mobile identity before providing sensitive account details or authorizing transactions.

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