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Increase your revenue by identifying Ghost Roamers on your network and effectively monetize.

Syniverse’s Ghost Roamer solution resolves a fundamental issue that operators face when inexperienced travelers go abroad.

When international travelers fail to make roaming arrangements with their home operator in advance of their departure, their phone will not be able to register to the visiting network when they reach their foreign destination. These roaming subscribers are termed Ghost Roamers, who have their devices turned on, but are not able to connect to the visiting network.

Lack of mobile connectivity to these roaming subscribers prevents the home operators from sending contextually relevant messages with attractive roaming tariffs to these subscribers, thereby rendering them unable to monetize this segment of, resulting in a loss of potential revenue.

Our end-to-end solution utilizes the Syniverse Intelligent Welcome Short­ Message Service (iWSMS) and Real Time Intelligence (RTI) platform to identify Ghost Roamers who are not able to register to the visiting network. As a result, operators can communicate with their subscribers by sending them a WhatsApp message with details such as the link to enable their roaming service, or an option to purchase a roaming pack to re-activate their roaming service.

Recapture Lost Revenue
Rely on the WhatsApp messaging channel to contact subscribers and re-activate their roaming service to monetize travelers’ activities appropriately.
Ensure Subscriber Satisfaction
Implement an alternative fallback option to avoid interruptions in subscribers’ service. No voice roaming and no data roaming simply result in unhappy customers and lost revenue for operators!
Bundle Operator Messaging to Reach Subscribers
Utilize the WhatsApp messaging channel over Wi-Fi as a complement to the current SMS channel to reach roaming subscribers and leverage chat-bots for two-way conversations with customers.
Target and identify new segments to drive new revenue

Complement your existing sources of revenue such as voice and data by capitalizing on additional sources that are currently lost. With Syniverse’s Ghost Roamer solution, operators now have the ability to detect travelers who are impacted by “Roaming Not Allowed” technical failures by offering personalized data packs for silent roamers, low spenders, and first-time travelers—all for the sake of re-activating service for your subscribers and generating more revenue from additional sources.

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Leverage OTT Messaging Providers to Contact Subscribers & Re-activate Service

WhatsApp is a ubiquitous OTT messaging provider with reach in nearly every country across the world. The Syniverse Intelligent Welcome Short Message Service (iWSMS)/Real Time Intelligence (RTI) platform is designed to identify Ghost Roamers who are not able to register to the visiting network. Using the Ghost Roamer service, operators can contact subscribers via a WhatsApp “Welcome Message” over Wi-Fi to walk them through the appropriate steps to help them re-activate service and activate a roaming package that they otherwise don’t have when arriving at a foreign destination.

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