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Deliver more than a message with an all-in-one platform.

As a communications provider, you need new ways to impress your subscribers, more robust features to engage the enterprise, and a rock-solid position in messaging to stay ahead of over-the-top providers. 

Which is just the start of what Syniverse Operator Messaging does for you. You’ll get crystal clarity into messaging traffic that hits your network, so you can monetize it. You'll benefit from a single point of access to manage interoperability between your global connections for application-to-person messaging. And you'll have a future-focused partner by your side, ready to implement technology like RCS when you are. 

Instant Delivery 
99.8% of messages delivered within one second. 
Proven Experts 
More than 740 billion messages processed every year. 
A Trusted Partner 
300+ direct connections to mobile operators globally. 
Turn messaging traffic into monetized traffic.  

With Syniverse's Operator Messaging services, you get unparalleled visibility into all messages hitting your network—whether that’s A2P text messages or RCS traffic. That means you can clearly identify new opportunities to drive messaging revenues, quickly create and manage messaging agreements with partners, and clear and settle on all transactions.

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Hundreds of connections, one unified platform.  

Syniverse Operator Messaging facilitates global messaging interconnectivity between mobile network operators through a single connection—our messaging hub. It’s all so you can solidify your position in the A2P messaging ecosystem without overextending your messaging resources to manage it.

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Capture more business with white-labeled engagement tools. 

Offer a robust mobile engagement platform to your enterprise customers. Whether it’s RCS chatbots, real-time chat, Apple Business Messaging, OTT messaging services, or other mobile messaging channels, we have an intelligent, centralized API communications platform to make it happen.

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