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Universal Commerce for BCE

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A modular, holistic solution for monetizing wholesale roaming traffic.

Redefine your wholesale billing and charging processes to capitalize on the unprecedented growth of IoT and 5G use case deployments happening on a global scale. Syniverse Universal Commerce for BCE roaming enables your business to clear, reconcile, settle and audit wholesale roaming traffic, simply and more efficiently, without friction.

Our clearing and settlement solution is compliant with the GSMA’s new Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE) standard, offering you the opportunity now, to revolutionize how wholesale commerce is done. Customers enjoy an innovative, standardized reconciliation process — exchanged via mutually-agreed upon intervals, with no rigid file exchange or settlement windows — providing you with more control and the opportunity to expand your revenue potential.

Clearing & Settlement, Built With the Future in Mind
Universal Commerce for BCE is a robust and modular framework for frictionless revenue monetization.
GSMA and BCE-Compliant
We remain in lockstep with the GSMA’s Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE), with a proven solution verified by numerous international major mobile network operators.
An Innovative Solution from the Undisputed Leader
BCE roaming developed by Syniverse and IBM, adapted from GSMA industry standards.
Futureproof your business.

Whether you’re a mobile operator preparing to transition from legacy standards and processes, such as TAP to the new BCE industry standard, or just looking to explore new potential revenue opportunities, Universal Commerce for BCE is ready for you.

Anything’s possible when you can use a single workflow management solution to monetize just about anything.

Universal Commerce VP2
Transact seamlessly and securely.

Universal Commerce for BCE unifies payment-related data in a private, decentralized ledger environment using a universal format.

BCE reduces data discrepancies and replaces outdated validation processes with incredibly efficient blockchain technology, making it easier than ever to do business at the speed of business.

Universal Commerce VP1
The only proven clearing and settlement end-to-end solution.

Syniverse has a record of excellence in mobile monetization, processing over 65% of the world’s roaming traffic. And as the first clearing house agent in market to support the BCE standard, Syniverse has deployed its Universal Commerce solution with proven, positive results from numerous major international mobile operators.

That alone is the ultimate testament that reaffirms our commitment to managing wholesale roaming use cases efficiently and profitably for the purpose of augmenting our customers’ business growth.

Universal Commerce VP3
Universal Commerce can do so much more for you.

Let Syniverse help you adopt the robust and reliable foundation for powering the IoT that is revolutionizing wholesale roaming monetization and financial clearing and settlement, while better preparing the industry for scalable growth.

As emerging technologies and an increasing number of devices continue to add more connectivity, but also more complexity to the clearing and settlement process, Universal Commerce gives you the confidence to securely validate and monetize any transaction for any industry across the mobile ecosystem with accuracy, real-time speed, security, and, most importantly, trust.


Take our Design Assessment to assess your readiness factors to implement BCE and receive our recommendation for how we can help maximize your revenue opportunities today.


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