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Meet your IP connectivity needs, today and tomorrow.

Syniverse IPX helps mobile operators create a future-proof network architecture that reduces costs, establishes IPX security, maintains quality and class of service, and provides an optimal user experience.

How? By empowering you to efficiently introduce new interconnect and roaming services via the largest global reach of any IPX provider through a single connection. So you can effortlessly support your needs today while building the foundation for the future of all IP-based services, including 5G, RCS, LTE and VoLTE.

For more technical details, download our IPX Network reference architecture.

Direct Connections
Industry-best direct reach to more than 250 LTE roaming-enabled operators.
Indirect Connections
Offering an expansive network of more than 550 global LTE connections.
IPX/GRX Global Connections
Obtain optimal reach through to more than 800 global connections across our IPX network.
Connected Countries
Worldwide connectivity across more than 190 countries through our massive IPX footprint.
The world’s largest independent IPX provider.

Most IPX providers are owned and operated by wholesale voice telecom companies. Not Syniverse. This puts us in the unique position of not threatening the business of any top-tier mobile provider, enabling us to command market share across North America, China, Japan and most other countries in Asia—something no other IPX provider can achieve.

100% market share.

Lowest latency and highest quality.

With more than 20 peering agreements with other IPX providers, Syniverse offers unparalleled reach in the industry.

More than 800 customers, with 250 directly connected in more than 190+ countries.

Innovation that enhances scalability and capacity.

Our diameter signaling solution is developed in-house, allowing for quick customization and improved functionality to suit individual customer requirements. Continuous innovation complements the IPX network offering with Syniverse products like Mobile Policy Control Center, Total Visibility and Local Data Roaming.

More than 175 mobile operators directly connected to diameter signaling service.

Respond faster to your customer needs.

Core offerings such as diameter signaling, session border control, Electronic Number Mapping (ENUM), voice routing, IP routing and media transcoding are already virtualized in the Syniverse IPX Network. As the industry moves to more cloud-based platforms, Syniverse can provide secure global connectivity from mobile operators to cloud service providers, enabling seamless international roaming for voice services.


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