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Create conversations customers can’t get enough of with our mobile engagement services.

Assessing current messaging performance and mobile engagement. Crafting a communications strategy that integrates across departments. Delivering a seamless customer experience in a consistent voice, in any channel. And tracking it all against business goals. It's far from easy, we just make it feel that way for you.

Syniverse’s Mobile Messaging & Engagement Solution can help at any, or every, stage of building a successful mobile engagement campaign—from mobile marketing strategy and analysis to execution. And we'll manage it all for you.

Buyers Will Spend for Customer Experience
According to Super Office, buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.
Omnichannel Strategies Retain Customers
Companies with omni-channel strategies retain their customers long-term.
Drive Revenue from Mobile Users
Syniverse delivered 66% more revenue from mobile users for global bank.
Break down silos, build seamless experiences.

Competing with your competitors is hard enough, so your messages shouldn't be competing with other departments in your company, too.

Our mobile engagement experts will change that by streamlining initiatives throughout your organization, creating integrated campaigns that speak in the singular voice your customers know and love, in every channel. All while staying up-to-speed on your real competition, and designing strategies that help you get ahead and stay ahead.

Wherever customers interact with your brand—email, SMS, messaging apps, or social media—a mobile engagement solution can help you deliver a consistent, seamless message aligned with your marketing goals. In a fast-paced digital world where new communication channels are being introduced all the time, having an adaptable multi-channel mobile engagement platform is key to meeting your customers at the right moment.

Increase revenue. Reduce time-to-market. 

When you deliver better experiences, you nurture more brand loyalty. And with Mobile Messaging and Engagement Services, we’ll design, build and get your messages and push notifications into market at light speed.

With an enterprise mobile engagement platform, you can:

  • Drive customer engagement by creating more personalized messages
  • Decrease ecommerce cart abandonment by sending timely push notifications
  • Provide location-specific updates and special offers
  • Measure success by integrating analytics across multiple channels

Generating more revenue from existing customers by providing a better customer experience allows businesses to maximize the resources needed to acquire new ones—a win for your customers and your bottom line.

Proven expertise at your service.

Our record of innovation spans decades. In fact, we created the standards that made mobile messaging possible. And with Mobile Messaging and Engagement Services, we put that expertise to work for you. Whether you want to reduce attrition, optimize operations, increase visibility, take your mobile marketing to the next level or create something completely unexpected, we’ve helped some of the world’s biggest brands achieve success.    

Some of the industries we work with include:

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Financial Services
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Ecommerce

Any enterprise in any industry that wants to create positive brand experiences can benefit from a mobile engagement strategy. Syniverse's Mobile Messaging and Engagement Services are designed to help you send rich push notifications, implement in-app messaging, and create timely SMS marketing campaigns that support your business goals.


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