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Introduction to Syniverse

Who is Syniverse?

We’ve been a pioneer in mobile since the dawn of the industry – over 30 years ago – and today we connect more than 1,500 mobile operators, enterprises, ISPs and OTTs in almost 200 countries.

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For Enterprises

We empower enterprises to reach their connected customers and employees in the “mobile moment” with services that leverage multiple mobile channels, including voice calling, text messaging, push notification, email, and social media.

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For Service Providers

We help mobile service providers address today’s challenges of connectivity and interoperability through solutions for LTE, roaming, mobile engagement, fraud, and revenue assurance that work regardless of device, network, or location.

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Mobile Momentum

See how much mobile can impact our fast-paced lives and the importance of using a variety of channels to reach and engage your customers in new ways.


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Industry Leadership

Syniverse continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions. Take a look at some of our latest stats, and see how from voice calling and messaging to IoT roaming and IPX networks, we regularly top the ratings reports of firms like Juniper and ROCCO.

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Multi-channel Marketing Is Falling Short

5G and RCS Emerge as Big Topics for 2018

Nour Al Atassi reports on two new technologies gaining momentum this year, in a live report from Mobile World Congress.

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Monetize Roaming and Retain High-Value Subscribers

Kyle Dorcas, Vice President, Portfolio Market Development, explains how operators have applied subscriber engagement techniques

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