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Bridging the Mobile Trust Gap

Address security, transparency and control concerns to improve consumers' willingness to share personal data.
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Introduction to Syniverse

Who is Syniverse?

Syniverse has been a pioneer in mobile since the dawn of the industry – over 25 years ago.

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What We Do

We specialize in bridging technology islands and commercial worlds, so our customers can reach and engage their mobile users.

Why You Should Work With Us

From our position at the center of the mobile ecosystem, we connect operators, enterprises and consumers regardless of device, network or location.

Mobile Momentum

See how much mobile can impact our fast-paced lives and the importance of using a variety of channels to reach and engage your customers in new ways.


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Connected LTE Whiteboard

Syniverse's comprehensive suite of services offers operators an LTE roaming solution that more efficiently connects them to more roaming partners faster.

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Mobile Privacy

Bringing the Mobile Privacy Predicament in Focus

A new Syniverse study on mobile privacy examines how much consumers are willing to share personal data to get more personalized services.

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Syniverse Mobile Context

See how brands and mobile service providers can take mobile experiences and engagement to a new level with mobile context enabled by Syniverse.

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