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IoT and Emerging Wireless
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Harness 5G and IoT to transform your business.

More devices, more data, more opportunities. That’s the promise of IoT and 5G. Whether you’re building a private network on premises or connecting the globe, that’s what we’ll help you harness—more.

Device Reach
We connect to more devices than anyone.
Years of Expertise
Decades of experience help us lead the way.
Countries We Connect
Our secure global network spans the planet.
The only network that shields you from the public I.

Limitless connectivity can come at infinite cost, if not done correctly. The public internet was never designed for security, and every day—as millions of more “things” connect to the internet and travel the globe—it jeopardizes your data, privacy, and reputation. Syniverse solutions protect IoT connectivity from the threats of the public I, bypassing it entirely, and shielding all the assets it puts at risk.

  • Private, members-only network
  • Secured data transmission
Io T and Emerging Wireless VP1
Complete control over your global connectivity.  

Syniverse delivers complete cellular connectivity through a single source. Global reach that covers more than 200 countries, flexible device provisioning, and robust analytics are just the start of the unparalleled power you possess with Syniverse.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering
  • On-premise and macro LTE
Io T and Emerging Wireless VP2
Connects any device, any machine.

The internet of things (IoT) is estimated to encompass 25 billion connections by 2025. With Syniverse, you can connect any device and machine—wherever and whenever it’s on. From worldwide logistics tracking, to healthcare management, to the next application you imagine.

Iot wireless vp4
“With the proven connectivity and engagement expertise of Syniverse, we can deliver a best-in-class solution that accelerates unmanned aviation.”

Industry Solutions

Every industry faces unique challenges, and Syniverse can provide the right set of tools to tackle them. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for a custom solution.

  • You need to know where every asset on your plant’s premises is at all times. The only way to do that? A network that gives you expansive coverage inside and out, in the skies and underground, using a secure ecosystem that guarantees privacy. All so you can forecast delays before they happen, maximize output, and propel revenue.

    Io T and Emerging Wireless IS Manufacturing
  • You’re revolutionizing how people get around the world. We’re shaping how you do it. Our solutions empower you to implement a secure channel to quickly transmit critical sensor data, as well as monitor and analyze customer service. That way, no matter how complex your device roaming traffic becomes, you can manage it.

    Io T and Emerging Wireless IS Transportation
  • Drive the transformation from smart cars to intelligent vehicles. Syniverse enables you to securely send and receive mobile data through an isolated, protected network with scalable bandwidth. That means you can quickly process and analyze data from automobiles, ensuring automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity.

    Io T and Emerging Wireless IS Automotive

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