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Expand global reach for RCS P2P messaging traffic and resolve interoperability challenges.

Syniverse’s RCS Interworking Hub helps drive the evolution of mobile messaging by providing a single access point for all RCS P2P messaging traffic entering and leaving an operator’s network. Futureproof your messaging activity in parallel with the emergence of 5G and improve the customer experience through RCS adoption among mobile subscribers, while enabling inter-network communication with other peering operators directly connected to the Syniverse platform or through other strategic peering arrangements.

As a pre-requisite for the successful implementation of revenue-generating A2P and P2A services, RCS Interworking Hub serves as a foundational support for RCS Core, Interworking, MaaP Aggregation and Rating services by successfully interconnecting with other operators and non-operators on a global scale.

Syniverse is strategically positioned to help operators take full advantage of RCS interworking by offering core functions designed to connect their subscribers quickly and efficiently.

20 billion messages.
On average, Syniverse processes 20 billion RCS P2P messages per month.
400 million subscribers.
Syniverse connects 400 million RCS subscribers to global operators.
Global reach.
Syniverse has direct access to 80 countries across the world for RCS enablement.
Establish a single point of access and normalize connections.

Certify global connectivity to other peering operators directly connected to the Syniverse hub or through other peering agreements to ensure mobile subscribers on separate networks can communicate.

RCS Interworking Hub VP1
Gain access to large Tier-1 operators and the larger RCS ecosystem.

Let Syniverse help you walk the RCS path as the only technology-agnostic, neutral third-party hub provider within the industry that has an existing peering connection to any RCS Core provider anywhere in the world, offering total reach into the global RCS ecosystem.

RCS Interworking Hub VP2
Solve interoperability challenges to ensure seamless message delivery between operator partners.

Expedite universal adoption for RCS by working in collaboration with other operators to tackle interoperability issues caused by disparate interworking configurations. Syniverse’s proprietary RCS hub favorably positions operators to terminate RCS messages across various carriers’ networks more so than direct-connection implementations, while ensuring broader reach, a one-stop shop for technical support, and a simplified billings and collections process.

RCS Interworking Hub VP3

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