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3G networks are being retired. Syniverse can help you maintain revenues and enhance subscriber roaming experiences

With plans to shut down legacy networks, operators run the risk of creating service gaps for both inbound and outbound roamers leading to lost revenues, unhappy subscribers, and a weakened negotiating position with global operator partners.

Syniverse Evolved Mobility allows operators retiring their 3G networks the ability to serve inbound and outbound roamers with Voice over LTE (“VoLTE”) enabled devices to and from roaming partners who have not yet launched VoLTE.

Highlight: Syniverse Evolved Mobility for Outbound Roaming

Syniverse’s Evolved Mobility for Outbound Roaming is a cloud-based feature that recognizes the importance of ensuring reliable outbound roaming connectivity for operators retiring their own 3G networks.

Evolved Mobility for Outbound Roaming helps mobile operators transition from their legacy network equipment without sacrificing a subscriber’s ability to outbound roam to non-VoLTE markets. With this feature, 4G and 5G mobile devices can roam onto visited operators that do not have VoLTE roaming in place.

Time Is Ticking
3G is quickly heading the way of cassette tapes and Blockbuster video. While it played an important role during its heyday, it has since been superseded by more capable technologies like 5G -Light Reading
Opportunities for Efficiency
With the smartphone revolution, and the rapid growth in wireless data services, operators worldwide are exploring opportunities to reduce costs, or to reuse 2G/3G spectrum for the more cost efficient 4G and 5G technologies -GSMA
The Process Has Begun
GSMA Intelligence data shows that, from now to 2025, more than 55 2G and 3G networks will be closed, allowing operators to plan for 4G and 5G. -GSMA
Building a positive customer experience with roamers from non-VoLTE-supported home operators

Mobile Network Operators that have shut down their 3G networks stand to lose a considerable amount of their inbound roaming revenues if a roaming subscriber is unable to connect to voice and data services. This results in significant lost roaming revenues for visited operators and less roaming competition leading to higher roaming rates and ultimately dissatisfied subscribers.

Evolved Mobility has resolved this connectivity issue by supporting both inbound and outbound roamers.

Recover and maintain lost revenues from Inbound Roamers

Evolved Mobility for Inbound allows visited operators that have retired their 3G networks to support roaming subscribers entering their network from home networks that do not support VoLTE roaming.

Build a positive roaming experience for Outbound Roamers

Evolved Mobility for Outbound allows home operators that have retired 3G to support their subscribers as they roam into visited networks that do not support VoLTE roaming.

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