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With 3G network sunsets on the horizon, Syniverse is prepared to help you navigate this migration.

A critical need arising for 4G- and 5G-only operators is the ability to connect to operators that neither have VoLTE nor any plans to integrate it. Without, 4G- and 5G-only operators stand to lose a significant amount of their roaming partnership business, since most operators still do not support VoLTE.

Evolved Mobility from Syniverse allows 4G- and 5G-only operators to support 3G fallback for voice calls so that these calls could be made via VoLTE. This unique offering enables users on non-VoLTE networks to seamlessly make VoLTE-powered calls.

Time Is Ticking
While 3G played a very important role in its heyday, it is now quickly heading the way of cassette tapes and brick-and-mortar movie rental stores, having been superseded by more capable technologies like 5G -Light Reading
Opportunities for Efficiency
With the smartphone revolution, and the rapid growth in wireless data services, operators worldwide are exploring opportunities to reduce costs, or to re-use 2G/3G spectrum for the more cost efficient 4G and 5G technologies -GSMA
The Process Has Begun
As of mid-2019, more than 20 2G networks and at least five 3G networks have been decommissioned globally and many other operators have already announced dates for doing so themselves. -GSMA
Building a positive customer experience with roamers from non-VoLTE-supported home operators

Without the ability to connect to non-VoLTE-enabled operators, 4G- and 5G-only operators will lose much of their roaming partnership business.

Most importantly, by losing this voice service business with non-VoLTE operators, they also lose data service business as well. This results in significant lost roaming business for operators as well as less roaming market competition for consumers, which means higher roaming rates.

The outbound roaming MNO will have less choice of which networks they can roam on, potentially impacting their service quality and higher rates.

Recover and maintain lost revenues from inbound roamers

If a roaming subscriber connects to a visited network that also no longer supports 3G, the subscriber then must have a VoLTE-enabled device, and their home network must also support VoLTE, in order for them to make a voice call and subsequently use data over that device while roaming.

Evolved Mobility allows 4G- and 5G-only operators to support 3G fallback, making these calls via VoLTE and thus, allowing users on non-VoLTE networks to make VoLTE-powered calls.

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