When you connect to the
world, the opportunities
are infinite.

We’re redefining how far businesses can reach.

At Syniverse, we have always pioneered the ideas that fuel transformation. That’s why we foster more human connections than anyone on Earth, giving businesses the keys to an ever-expanding ecosystem of engaged consumers. And it's why we put the power of groundbreaking technologies in customers’ hands, arming them with the cutting-edge tools needed to build the bridges between organizations, people and devices.

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Our secure, global network is a bridge to billions of people and devices across the world.

As the world’s most connected company, we’ve developed the largest private network ever built for linking to the mobile ecosystem. Syniverse Secure Global Access underpins a platform that combines ironclad security with omnipresent, globe-spanning coverage to reach every device and every customer on the planet.

7 billion

devices reached

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We fuel the experiences of the future.

Our communications platform allows businesses to reach customers in every corner of the globe. Its deep intelligence guarantees smart, personalized messages that reach customers at the right time. Because when you get customer engagement right, the opportunities are truly limitless.

60 billion

messages delivered a month

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We expand the possibilities for how goods and services are exchanged.

Every day, we power billions of transactions, continually improving how the world exchanges information, money and more. We’re creating the razor-sharp insights that give companies crystal clarity on every aspect of their business, and helping customers build smarter, more secure foundations for their future.

166 million

transactions driven in the last hour

Our values drive us forward.

  • Lead with Yes.
  • Seek to Understand.
  • Think Ahead, Move Fast.
  • Debate, Decide, Do.
  • Reimagine the Possibilities.