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The world's most connected company™

We reach more people and devices than anyone on Earth, empowering you to transform how you connect, engage, and exchange with the world.

Our record of innovation spans generations.

From 1G to 5G, we’ve always been at the center of the connected world—setting mobile standards and pioneering technology. And we’re just getting started. Our software and services revolutionize what mobile experiences do for our customers.

Syniverse has the industry’s only complete and fully integrated product line to implement transformational technologies including: 3G to VoLTE Roaming, 5G Roaming, 5G Messaging, Private Wireless Networks, and IoT Connectivity.

Our secure, global network is the foundation for the future of all IP-based services.

We've established a future-proof network architecture for mobile communications providers to reduce cost, establish security and provide an optimal user experience.

With Syniverse IPX Network, you're empowered by new interconnect and roaming services through the largest global reach of any IPX provider through a single connection.

About US VP1
We fuel the experiences of the future.

Our communications platform allows businesses to reach customers in every corner of the globe. Its deep intelligence guarantees smart, personalized messages that reach customers at the right time. Because when you get customer engagement right, the opportunities are truly limitless.

About US VP2
We expand the possibilities for how goods and services are exchanged.

Every day, we power billions of transactions, continually improving how the world exchanges information, money and more. We’re creating the razor-sharp insights that give companies crystal clarity on every aspect of their business, and helping customers build smarter, more secure foundations for their future.

About US VP3
  • “A clear market leader in the A2P messaging space. Juniper Research believes [Syniverse] will leverage its geographical reach through operator partners to continue to offer the most comprehensive A2P offering.”

  • With the proven connectivity and engagement expertise of Syniverse, we can deliver a best-in-class solution that accelerates unmanned aviation.

  • By joining forces with Syniverse, we’re one step closer to our goal of creating an environment where everything and everyone can become seamlessly connected, anywhere in the world.

  • Juniper Research

    March, 2019

  • Ken Stewart

    Head of Quality, GE, AiRXOS

  • Anthony Bartolo

    CPO, Tata Communications

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