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Secure trust in your brand with proactive identity protection.

More mobility, data, and regulations also mean more points of vulnerability, more potential for errors, more risk. Until now.    

Syniverse Mobile Identity and Authentication ensures that you’re operating with pristine, precise information about your customers, protecting them across the entire mobile experience. 

Whether it’s confirming consent before every interaction, monitoring and maintaining your data, or identifying fake and suspicious users, our platform gives you a single source for mobile identity management. So you can instill complete confidence in your customers. 

For more technical details, download our Identity and Authentication reference architecture.

Syniverse Identity and Authentication

Is your company doing enough to protect against customer data and privacy?

Syniverse mobile identity offers powerful security features that protect against a wide range of threats, without compromising the user experience.

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New account fraud costs businesses $3.4 billion annually, as per Javelin.
Data Protection
92% of customers expect companies to be proactive about data protection, according to PWC.
Database Integrity
The average mobile phone number database is 35% inaccurate.
Better customer authentication, better fraud prevention. 

With Mobile Identity and Authentication, you can identify fake or suspicious users, prevent account takeovers, and stop fraud before it starts—keeping your business and your customer information protected. Our identity and authentication solution continuously integrates, validates, and authenticates customer records against thousands of licensed sources in real time.

Identity Authentication VP1
Built to exceed customer and regulator expectations.

When you truly know who your customers are, you can connect with them like never before—and keep their data truly private. Identity and Authentication gives you the insights to do exactly that. Our digital identity service ensures the accuracy and integrity of your database, so you can be certain that phone numbers are, and remain, valid at all times. And its intuitive opt-in and opt-out mobile identity management tools make sure that you're only communicating with customers who've authorized you to reach them.

Identity Authentication VP2
Eliminate barriers to seamless CX.

Your customers want engaging experiences, not endless assignments. Which is why our platform makes mobile identity protection and authentication easy for them—whether they're logging into their account or confirming a high-value purchase. By prioritizing digital identity protection and authentication, you can enhance campaign effectiveness and ensure customer trust in your brand by verifying your existing customer information and keeping your mobile contact data updated. And you can seamlessly manage consent on every channel.

Identity Authentication VP3

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