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Leverage the only provider offering a complete end-to-end suite of 5G roaming services.

Syniverse is committed to helping operators drive new revenues with 5G by delivering key technologies, from global and interoperable connectivity through 5G non-standalone (NSA) and 5G standalone (SA) support, stringent security controls, expanded partner management, and advanced clearing and settlement solutions that will ensure our customers have the systems and services in place to enable them to play a full, active, and profitable role in 5G Roaming within the greater 5G ecosystem.

Roaming Traffic Will Continue to Grow
5G Roaming data traffic to exceed 2,500 petabytes in 2026. - Kaleido Intelligence
Increasing Revenue
5G to generate 44% of global operator revenue by 2025 – Juniper Research
Subscriber Growth
International 5G roaming subscribers will grow by 3,300% over the next four years, reaching 147 million by 2025. -Juniper Research
Maximize your interconnection footprint reach a maximum number of connections

For 5G to continue to make an impact, multiple network generations will have to work together to power seamless connectivity between the internet of things (IoT) and other devices in the immediate future. Syniverse, recently named by Kaleido Intelligence as a "Best Placed Vendor" to enable 5G roaming for mobile operators, manages unequalled extensive network of global routes with connectivity for 5G roaming and interworking services ensuring interoperability across network generations, network technologies and roaming partners.

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The time to enable 5G roaming is now with Non-Standalone 5G

For mobile network operators looking to deliver 5G connectivity to consumers with 5G-enabled devices non-standalone makes the most sense. Allowing operators to cost effectively leverage their existing network assets rather than investing in the deployment of a new end-to-end 5G network.

As a leading provider of solutions that enable interconnection and roaming for 2G, 3G, and 4G technology domains, Syniverse is uniquely positioned to ensure existing mobile network operator product portfolios can evolve in a timely manner to support the 5G migration.

Syniverse has enhanced its own Diameter Signaling Service for 4G/LTE Roaming to support 5G non-standalone roaming allowing LTE-based operators to implement 5G roaming services now.

Along with premium IPX connectivity and enhanced Diameter Signaling Service, Syniverse provides active Diameter mediation, testing, and troubleshooting services.

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Mediating signaling congestion caused by new 5G services and applications

The predicted influx of new 5G-based devices on a massive scale, will drive exponential growth in signaling presenting operators with significant signaling mediation issues. Having, a robust signaling and routing framework will help operators to take advantage of the full potential of 5G use cases.

Supporting the new cloud-native signaling of 5G, Syniverse developed an HTTP2 based 5G Signaling Controller to efficiently enable roaming with a 5G Core, specifically for 5G standalone networks, to deliver real 5G experiences and market opportunities. The Syniverse 5G Signaling Controller designed specifically for Syniverse’s IPX network offers mediation and control of HTTP2 signaling.

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Protecting traffic exchanged between different 5G operators

While 5G networks may be built to be more secure, the explosion of endpoints will greatly expand potential attack surfaces and vulnerabilities. To resolve this, 5G introduces a new entity called SEPP (Security Edge Protection Proxy) to ensure security for interconnection and roaming between networks.

Similar to the various agent functions of Syniverse’s Diameter Signaling Service today, the SEPP solution, a hosted offering in Syniverse’s 5G network portfolio, resides at the edge of the network providing integrity, confidentiality, and spoofing protection in addition to topology hiding. SEPP then aggregates all the roaming interfaces into a single interface, packaging them into a tight encryption layer for the partner operator.

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Maintaining policy controls when implementing 5G

5G will support a wide variety of services with different characteristics and needs, such that specific policies may need to be applied for these services. Policy is also undergoing substantial change, which means new interfaces and different control plane elements can be presented at different points on the network. Syniverse is enhancing Mobile Policy Control Center to accommodate the changes that come with 5G, so that one policy platform will work across networks to apply both 4G and 5G specific rules to create and manage flexible data roaming plans and policies.

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Supporting SMS when transitioning to 5G

As you move to 5G non-standalone for roaming, you can continue to support legacy SMS for your roaming subscribers using the current SMS roaming architecture. Today, 4G SMS messages are anchored to the legacy MSC, and roaming SMS messages are routed via the SS7 network. In the future, as Diameter is expected to replace the use of MAP, Syniverse’s Diameter Signaling Service can be used to relay the message between the 4G network and the SMSC. Or alternatively, if IMS is available, Syniverse supports SMS over IP (IMS), which can use Diameter to relay the message to and from the SMSC.

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Turning 5G roaming into revenue by monetizing 5G traffic

5G puts new requirements on the way that charging, and billing is performed and interacts with the network. With the expected explosive growth of 5G supported IoT devices roaming across networks, operators will start to face the limitations of legacy charging and billing systems like TAP. Supporting BCE (Billing and Charging Evolution) designed specifically to handle 5G applications, Syniverse’s Universal Commerce was developed to give operators more flexibility in how operators connect their networks together, how they are authenticated, how they track the usage and then how it’s cleared and settled.

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Real-time insight to help you keep your promise of stellar customer experience

Having greater insight into network interconnections can help operators ensure the highest customer experience levels by identifying and correcting network issues that have a direct impact on roaming in real time. Syniverse’s Total Visibility is a platform that processes many of the current network protocols and are working to pull in other protocols, including TAP, BCE, messaging, and even feeds from an operator’s own system. This will provide you with powerful and actionable analytics and reporting that can help operators manage and grow their business.

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Help with navigating the migration from 3G to 5G

A critical need for 5G only operators is the ability to connect to operators that don’t support VoLTE and have no immediate plans to integrate it. Without the ability to connect to non-VoLTE-enabled operators, 4G and 5G only operators stand to lose a significant amount of inbound voice and data roaming revenues through their roaming partnership business. Syniverse’s Evolved Mobility seamlessly bridges the gap between operators retiring their 3G networks and those that have yet to transition to 4G and 5G services. In addition, we offer a cost-effective VoLTE Roaming solution designed to efficiently support operators looking to implement VoLTE services.

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Perform proof of concept and lab testing of 5G standalone roaming capabilities

With deep experience in the roaming space, Syniverse’s Services team offers resources to help supplement an operator’s own employees to support 4G and 5G roaming, such as performing 5G testing with existing or new roaming partners, traditional mobile operator roaming or expanding to roaming with private networks. Syniverse’s Services Team is ready to offer a helping hand with expanding an operator’s roaming business more quickly and efficiently.

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Realize the full potential of 5G Roaming with Value-added Services

Syniverse’s 5G Roaming solution provides multiple mobility management value-added services (VAS) through the UniRoam® portfolio, including wireless roaming mediation, security function realization via Syniverse's SEPP, and billing conversions between different networks including TAP and BCE. Both supported through Syniverse’s Universal Commerce.


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