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A faster, more secure way to monetize any type of transaction.

Developed with IBM, Syniverse Universal Commerce is the next evolution in clearing and settlement. With blockchain technology at its core, our innovative solution encrypts each transaction and creates a transparent audit trail, delivering ironclad security to every exchange. And because data records are unified using a private, decentralized ledger, you can rapidly validate transactions while eliminating archaic processes. That gives your business endless opportunities to monetize any type of connected transaction in any industry.

For more technical details, download our Universal Commerce reference architecture.

Universal Commerce

Universal Commerce powers unparalleled security, standardization and optimization in your clearing and settlement—eliminating inefficient processes and improving your ability to audit and monetize every transaction.

Blockchain-Powered Clearing and Settlement
Implement new business models with more partners, faster.
GSMA BCE-Compliant
Stay ahead of the billing and charging evolution (BCE), proven with two international telecommunications companies.
Two World Leaders, One Solution
Co-developed by Syniverse and IBM.
Transact seamlessly and securely.

Universal Commerce unifies payment-related data records in a private, decentralized ledger environment using a universal format. That reduces data discrepancies and replaces outdated validation processes with incredibly efficient blockchain technology, making it easier than ever to do business at the speed of business.

Universal Commerce VP1
Futureproof your business.

Whether you’re a mobile operator getting ready to transition to the new GSMA standard or a global enterprise exploring new potential revenue opportunities, Universal Commerce is ready for you. Anything’s possible when you can use a single-source, omni-channel solution to monetize just about anything.

Universal Commerce VP2
The only proven clearing and settlement blockchain solution.

Syniverse has a record of excellence in mobile monetization, processing over 65% of clearing traffic. And IBM leads the field in commercially deployed blockchain solutions for businesses. Backed by two titans, Universal Commerce is the first in-market blockchain clearing and settlement solution, and it’s the best of its kind.

Universal Commerce VP3

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