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Digital transformation through secure, powerful, private networks.

As modern enterprises continue to implement digital transformation initiatives, they have become increasingly dependent on automation and connectivity. Industries including manufacturing, shipping, mining, transportation, logistics, healthcare, and smart cities require increased security, bandwidth, and reliability and are increasingly adopting cellular technologies to satisfy their existing and future requirements. LTE and 5G technologies bring proven, essential tools and will be the foundation of private wireless networks moving forward.

Syniverse, in partnership with other industry leaders, offers a full featured end-to-end Private Wireless Networks solution including SIMs, SIM management, hosted or on-prem core functionality, policy, and cloud integration. Our solution further enhances Private Wireless Networks with the never-before ability to seamlessly move between private and public networks using our patent pending Automated Network Reselection technology.

Reliable transformation.
Tailor-made private wireless networks are ready to accelerate an organization’s new and continuing digital transformation efforts. – Accenture
Private Wireless forecast.
The market is set to grow at a CAGR of 55% between 2019 and 2026. - Kaleido
Investing in Private Networks.
Private cellular networks spend to approach $12 billion by 2023, catalyzed by 5G capabilities. -Juniper
Syniverse delivers solutions tailored to customer business needs.

Powered by an evolved packet core (EPC)Syniverse’s Private Wireless Network provides flexible functionality such as hosted or on-prem deployment, traffic shaping, quality of service rules, billing and data plan rules, and network monitoring; in addition, to ensuring innovation and security on low latency applications with the ability to manage subscriber identity module (SIM) cards ensuring complete control over device connectivity.

Focus on building the right partnerships.

Private networks are expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Enterprises are increasingly seeking dedicated bandwidth for ultra-reliable low latency use cases, such as industrial IoT and robotics, coupled with the need to have complete control over data and network security. To manage the evolving needs for private wireless network solutions, Syniverse is establishing partnerships to help enterprises across industries with their specific needs.

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