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Digital transformation through secure, powerful, private networks.

As enterprises continue to prioritize digital transformation initiatives, the importance of automation and connectivity has never been greater. To meet the demands of industries such as manufacturing, shipping, mining, transportation, logistics, healthcare, and smart cities, secure, reliable and high-bandwidth communication solutions are essential.

To address this need, many businesses are turning to cellular technologies like LTE and 5G. These technologies provide essential tools and will serve as the foundation for private wireless networks.

At Syniverse, we recognize the need for a robust private wireless network solution that can support both on-premises and hosted core functionality. That's why we've partnered with other industry leaders to offer a full-featured private wireless network solution that incorporates our patented Automated Network Reselection (ANR) technology, which allows for seamless movement and connectivity between private and public networks.

Predicted Revenue
Worldwide private LTE/5G wireless infrastructure market set to reach $8.3 Billion by 2026, - IDC
Private Wireless forecast.
The market is set to grow at a CAGR of 55% between 2019 and 2026. - Kaleido
Projected Connections
The global number of roaming IoT connections will increase from 300 million in 2022 to 1.8 billion by 2027; representing a 500% growth. – Juniper Research
Syniverse delivers solutions tailored to customer business needs.

Syniverse’s Private Wireless Network offers flexible functionality that can be hosted on our evolved packet core (EPC), integrated with an on-premises deployment, or leveraged with a customer-provided core. Regardless of the deployment model, Syniverse's solutions can effectively manage traffic shaping, quality of service rules, billing and data plan rules, network monitoring, security, and support for low-latency applications. Our solutions also enable the management of physical and electronic subscriber identity modules (SIMs), ensuring complete control over device connectivity and behavior.

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Focus on building the right partnerships.

For more than 30 years, Syniverse has been reliably interconnecting the world’s mobile operators. Syniverse extends this experience by establishing key partnerships to help enterprises and Mobile Network Operators successfully implement and manage private wireless networks.​

Mobile Network Operators

Syniverse brings a globally connected network to a Mobile Network Operator’s private wireless offering helping to streamline partnerships and billing when devices move between the private and public networks.


Syniverse assists enterprises in bringing the power of a cellular network to localized areas, such as buildings, campuses, or manufacturing facilities. This allows for the connection of many mobile devices to a private network while providing seamless roaming capabilities in and out of the local network.

Mobile Policy Control Center

Use Cases

How the benefits of Private Wireless Networks can immediately influence real-world use cases.

  • Utility companies needing a localized wireless network solution that provides reliable connectivity, speed, minimal latency, and the option to increase security based on specific devices.

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  • Educational and business campuses looking to provide reliable mobile coverage within a campus footprint, while allowing devices to seamlessly and securely roam off campus into the public network and back into the private network.

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  • Providing mobile connectivity to a large number of cellular-based devices in a localized area, while also extending that connection beyond the facility. This allows for direct and secure access to cloud-based services as well as regionally and globally based locations.

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Solution Features

Syniverse’s Private Wireless solution is comprised of multiple features targeted at delivering valuable network connectivity functions, including cellular access between private and public mobile networks, extended visibility and control of connected devices and facilitation of additional connectivity models.

  • Trusted, secured interconnect
  • Traffic mediation / proxy services
  • One-to-many hubbing model
  • GSMA-to-non-GSMA roaming model
  • SIM management (physical and eSIM)​
  • Standard communications as a service interface
  • Automated Network Reselection (ANR)
  • Robust policy and traffic control services
  • Billing and clearing services
  • Detailed reporting and analytics for visibility services​
  • Flexible REST APIs
  • Agreement management​​

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