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Manage millions of signaling connections across networks.

Mobile networks face increasing challenges in scalability, availability and traffic management. But Syniverse Signaling is the platform that provides security and stability to solve them. Our signaling products let mobile operators improve their network’s resilience and security.

Syniverse’s Diameter signaling service supports both SS7 and Diameter so that you can continue to support legacy SMS for your roaming subscribers using the current SMS roaming architecture. By establishing your network’s control center for traffic management with Syniverse, you can take on a world with billions of 3G, 4G/LTE, and 5G-capable devices.

25,000 diameter roaming routes.
Diameter Transactions Per Second
More than ever before.
Diameter Volumes
Over 185 billion transactions per month.
All Over the Globe
480 operators in 158 countries.
A single point for interconnectivity.

Syniverse Signaling gives you centralized architecture that eliminates the need for individual connections to every roaming partner. And it does it all by establishing a single point of interconnection. With the growth of new mobile technologies and users, the volume of mobile data continues to increase at an exponential rate. As a result, the need to implement security measures for signaling protocols has increased as well, with growing demand for intelligent, flexible, and secure signal traffic management.

Syniverse Signaling allows centralized route resolution to multiple roaming partners and signaling interoperability between different vendors and operators. All while enabling signaling implementations along with monitoring and diagnosing traffic with centralized network visibility.

Mobile Network Operator Solutions Signaling VP1
Guard against network failures.

Signaling mediation—along with network, routing, addressing and traffic management—helps you control and manage signaling-related network failures, and maintain the quality of experience for subscribers.

With Syniverse Signaling, you can mitigate signaling surges through message throttling, decreasing the volume of signal request traffic sent to peers with policy control, subscriber registration, charging and roaming procedures.

Mobile Network Operator Solutions Signaling VP2
Incredible level of security.

Limit security exposure and sharing of network arrangements with roaming partners through security and topology hiding.

Syniverse Signaling firewalls offer you the most cutting edge security and elevate your subscribers’ roaming experience by tracking signaling sessions and inspecting signaling traffic in real time. Fraudulent messages can be blocked instantly, ensuring that illicit third parties are unable to access or modify subscriber information and profiles.

And that improve your speed to market while enhancing the quality and reliability for 4G/LTE data roaming subscribers.

Mobile Network Operator Solutions Signaling VP3
Traffic management.

Rise in signaling volume, in addition to the complexities of IP-based traffic, places enormous demands on the core signaling elements within your network. You need a solution to help mitigate the signaling surge forecasted for the coming years.

Syniverse Signaling is that solution. Because it was developed to provide both traffic management and load balancing while controlling the immense number of signaling connections across multiple networks. All while handling real-time challenges like scalability, high availability, traffic management, mobile network interconnect and protocol interworking.

Mobile Network Operator Solutions Signaling VP4

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