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A Powerful Partnership

From innovation and expertise to world-class service and support, customers recognize Syniverse as a trusted partner and solution provider, helping to maximize their business potential.

Superior Relationships and Communication
We surveyed 150+ customers on their experience with Syniverse - why they switched, how they benefitted, what the relationship means and more - and the results tell a compelling story.
Undeniable Results
98% of customers surveyed cited reduced costs, improved efficiency of business processes and a better customer experience as a result of working with Syniverse.
Unrivaled Capability and Integration
89% of surveyed IT organizations rated Syniverse's breadth of capabilities and integrations as better that other vendors or competitors they have used.
“The fact that we have access to a dedicated vetting team at Syniverse is the reason we’re still here.”
“I am very satisfied with the personalized attention, 24/7 customer service and superior capabilities that Syniverse consistently provides.”
“Syniverse is a must in the world of roaming!”
“Syniverse has been highly attentive to our needs and works in alignment with our long term goals. Our sales rep is outstanding and knowledgeable and tech support is great as well.”
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Dedicated Support When You Need Us

In an environment that’s heavily regulated, Commio's unmatched customer support, along with a dedicated vetting team at Syniverse, allows quick 10DLC campaign approvals that make them an industry leader and keep customers’ critical messages flowing.

The upward progression of Commio’s approval ratings and lower spam rates are a testament to their powerful partnership with Syniverse. Campaign approval rates jumped by 20%, resulting in a completion rate of nearly 80%. SPAM MT (MMS) was reduced to less than 1% from September 2023 to February 2024.

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A Better Bottom Line

Partnering with us means improved efficiency, reduced cost, a better consumer experience and so much more.

In fact, a recent third party survey identified these as three of the top benefits our customers have experienced from our relationship together. These factors, and many others, enhance their ability to focus on the satisfaction of their own customers, making them the hero in their eyes.

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Overall Value and Dependability

Our customers most often find that what they get in return for what they pay for far exceeds expectations. And along with that, knowing that assistance is just a call, a text or a click away brings invaluable peace of mind.

If you're ready to explore what we might be able to do for your company, feel free to reach out to us today.

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Consistency and Commitment

A long-term partnership with Syniverse means always being able to meet your customers' needs and staying on the forefront of innovation to bring them the latest in technology and transformation.

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