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Syniverse Hyperscale Communications Platform

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Communicate with customers on their terms, when they want, through their preferred channels at unlimited capacity.

Syniverse Hyperscale Communications Platform is the world's first cloud-native, unlimited capacity communications platform for enterprise.

On a single global communications platform featuring new, high-scale architecture to ensure reliable delivery, low local latency, superior security, best of breed CPaaS functionality, platform resiliency and scale, brands are empowered to be the hero in their audience's story.

By partnering with a hyperscale cloud provider like Syniverse, your business can reach its employees and customers, anywhere on the planet, through their preferred messaging channels—including the best of the best like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and more—at the best possible time in a truly seamless experience.

Low Latency
Designed to process 99% of messages in less than a single second.
Incredible Throughput
100,000 TPS per site with automatic horizontal scaling.
Cost-to-Serve Reduction
Decreases 50% through self-healing, cross-site redundancy and automation
Introducing: Syniverse Hyperscale Communications Platform

Become the hero in your customers' story with omnichannel communications at scale.

Our single global hyperscale cloud solution ensures:

  • Reliable delivery
  • Low local latency
  • Superior security
  • Best-of-class CPaaS functionality
  • Platform resiliency

Take advantage of the unrivaled global reach of the hyperscale cloud—reach out to a Syniverse expert today to learn more.

Reach more customers on more mobile channels around the world.

As no single mobile channel reaches all your audience, it is important to connect to as many mobile channels as possible to ensure you can deliver a positive customer experience to anyone, regardless of the mobile channel they prefer.

A cloud-native platform like Syniverse Hyperscale Communications Platform allows businesses to create omnichannel messaging campaigns and connect across the globe, through CPaaS and Enterprise Messaging Solutions such as Mobile Engagement, MPaaS, and Long Code U.S. A2P Messaging.

Syniverse's mobile cloud communication platform can connect you to:

  • SMS
  • MMS
  • RCS
  • Push notifications
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Voice
  • WeChat
  • RCS
  • Mobile wallet
  • and more!
C Paa S image
Message prioritization to ensure what's most important gets through fast.
  • Multi-level prioritization - Assigns priorities based on predetermined message use cases, with OTP/MFA traffic taking the top spot
  • Dynamic real-time application - Prioritization is applied in real time based on instantaneous feedback rather than static rules
  • Constraint-based priority - Applied locally, not globally, only to constrained resources such as supplier bind capacity
  • Reliable delivery for promotional traffic - Low priority messages are stored and delivered immediately when constraints are removed
Image 2
Customize a CPaaS solution that works for you.
  • Ready-to-Use - Ready-made CPaaS solutions that optimize success for specific use cases and industries
  • Modular Approach - Flexible solution to piece together the features, products, and capabilities you need
  • Co-Created - Customized messaging workflows built with our team of experts to meet your specific business needs
Image 3
Deliver each message intelligently using Syniverse Orchestration.

When you send a message to your customer, what happens next?

With Syniverse Orchestration, communicating effectively with your customers has become even easier. Using predetermined rules and pairing a hyperscale cloud platform with real-time decision trees through AI, each message follows an automated, customized workflow that ensures it is delivered on the right channel, at the right time, and to the right person.

  • Business applications are harmonious with the communications you send
  • Messages are built-in to each touchpoint of the customer journey, tailoring every experience
  • Pertinent information is automated and delivered just at the right time
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