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A comprehensive solution that enables operators to monetize & gain control of their A2P messaging traffic.

Syniverse’s Carrier Messaging Hub provides mobile network operators with the opportunity to efficiently monetize and gain greater control of their A2P messaging traffic by owning the direct relationships with enterprises, aggregators and sub-aggregators across multiple channels.

Why Carriers Should Be Excited About a Messaging Hub

Equipped with various components—including a white-labeled multi-channel CPaaS, message routing services, integrated content classification functionality, spam detection capabilities, financial clearing and settlement, and white-glove managed services support—the Carrier Messaging Hub enables operators to futureproof their messaging business as new technologies such as 5G emerge.

Generate New Revenue
Drive new A2P traffic using existing and alternative channels from new and existing customers. Leverage alternative paths such as voice and email as an integrated service.
Improve Margins
Establish termination agreements with destination operators that leverages all your messaging relationships.
Increase Control & Flexibility
Utilize a dedicated platform that is white-labeled for your brand, which helps you retain greater control over your subscribers and the activity on your network.
Future-proof and expand with greater control and profitability as a global messaging aggregator

Open new revenue streams and improve margins, leverage your brand and reputation, and build your existing enterprise customer relationships and reputation by enhancing your existing enterprise product portfolio.

As a messaging aggregator, you, as the operator, can govern your A2P campaign rules and maintain inter-operator relationships to accelerate provisioning and time to revenue, while obtaining greater visibility to who and what traverses your network.

Manage your entire messaging business and traffic with one holistic solution

Your enterprise customers increasingly need A2P global reach. With a Carrier Messaging Hub, operators can provide just their enterprise customers with just that—and more—by capturing a holistic view of all messaging channels, consolidating the management of those channels to improve market position, and perhaps most importantly, regain control of your existing customers.


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