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The future of mobile technology

As telecommunications evolve, mobile operators must keep pace with trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), private networks, and 5G. To do so, they must take advantage of the latest technologies that support the advancement of networks and services.

The Syniverse suite of comprehensive solutions streamline an operator’s business to increase revenues, decrease costs, and provide subscribers an optimal experience through unmatched global connectivity, interworking, messaging, analytics, and roaming monetization.

Unprecedented IoT growth.
The IoT market is on pace to grow to over $2.4 trillion annually by 2027. - Business Insider
Massive data collection.
Data collected from IoT devices is expected to be 73 ZB. Most data may be obtained from security and video surveillance, industrial IoT applications. - IDC
Investing in 5G.
Globally, operators are forecast to spend 80% of sector capex ($890 billion) on 5G networks over the next five years, reaching 45% population coverage. - GSMA
5G Roaming

Offer Subscribers Full Service 5G Roaming as They Traverse the Globe

With faster data speeds, increased reliability, ultra-low latency, massive network capacity, increased availability, and an improved user experience—the promises 5G presents are revolutionary. 5G networks will supercharge a world of connected devices, paving the way for the exponential growth of IoT. Syniverse is uniquely positioned to ensure existing mobile network operator product portfolios can efficiently and quickly evolve to support the 5G migration.

Along with premium IPX Network connectivity Syniverse’s 5G Roaming solution includes enhanced Diameter Signaling Service for 4G/LTE Roaming to support 5G non-standalone roaming allowing LTE-based operators to implement 5G roaming services now. As operators move to standalone, Syniverse is ready to support the expanded capabilities of 5G through a 5G Signaling controller supporting HTTP2, advanced security through 5G SEPP, along with robust charging and clearing with Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE), policy controls, comprehensive analytics and business intelligence.

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3G-to-VoLTE Roaming

Maintain Inbound Roaming Revenues, Partnerships, and Happy Subscribers While Transitioning to Future Technologies

A critical need for operators looking to retire 3G networks and support only 4G or 5G, is the capability to connect to operators that don’t support VoLTE roaming and don’t have immediate plans to integrate it. Without the ability to connect to non-VoLTE-enabled operators, 4G and 5G only operators stand to lose a significant amount of inbound voice and data roaming revenues through their roaming partnership business.

3G-to-VoLTE Roaming solution using Syniverse Evolved Mobility over the direct access of IPX Network and Diameter Signaling Service, gives operators the ability to support 3G fallback for voice services, so that these calls could be made via VoLTE, in addition to opening connectivity for data connections. Along with granular network analysis detailing traffic flows 3G-to-VoLTE Roaming seamlessly converts data and financial clearing files between disparate networks.

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5G Messaging

Next Level Messaging Support With 5G Messaging

Messaging over 5G brings the potential for operators to refresh their messaging services by offering subscribers an enriched experience through rich messaging interactions and native 5G messaging services that take messaging well beyond the confines of SMS and MMS, elevating interactions with brands, while implementing a platform capable of interweaving IoT into an operator’s messaging offerings.

Creating a harmonious bridge between legacy standard SMS/MMS and all IP-packet supported messaging of 5G networks is critical to maintaining both messaging revenues and satisfied subscribers. Syniverse’s 5G Messaging solution integrates legacy SMS and MMS with RCS over IPX Network, operators have one complete, integrated solution supporting messaging traffic no matter which type of messaging subscribers are using.

With industry-leading services like RCS MaaP Aggregation and Rating Engine, RCS Interworking Hub, and Clearing and Settlement for Messaging, Syniverse helps Mobile Operators launch and manage a new generation of rich mobile messaging for their customers.

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Private Wireless

Defining Secure, Localized Connectivity Today and Tomorrow Through Private Networks

Private cellular networks are purpose-built to meet the needs of businesses driving towards digital transformation. From communication to automation, these networks increase efficiency and decrease costs while leveraging built-in security, mobility and reliability that support mission-critical operations. The continued expansion of IoT and the multitude of devices supported within confined areas will drive the need for localized networks that are equipped with increased bandwidth and speed capabilities.

Syniverse provides a standards-based private wireless solution that facilitates the implementation of a local cellular network while providing unique end-to-end connectivity through a secure backhaul transport to a global network of operators and cloud providers via a trusted IPX Network. Syniverse’s Private Wireless solution delivers exceptional quality of service, policy control, network visibility, a Global SIM, messaging, robust charging and clearing, and support for 5G.

Mobile Network Operator Solutions VP4

Capitalize on the Enormous Benefits of IoT

With the growing adoption of IoT, connected devices and connected things have penetrated every aspect of people’s lives, from health and fitness, home automation, automotive and logistics, to smart cities and industrial IoT. At this crucial time as many businesses look to roll out digital transformational plans, the ability to implement a full service IoT solution designed specifically to help operators rapidly and cost-effectively support IoT will help drive success.

Syniverse is focused on helping our customers quickly implement revenue generating IoT services. Combining the capabilities of our products from the foundational IPX Network and Diameter Signaling Service, enhanced controls through policy, world class charging and clearing products, to highly granular network analytics and intelligence, high-level security, immediate 5G support, and a Global SIM that helps devices travel to over 600 countries, operators have a complete suite of products to help them support their IoT strategies.

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Featured Products

Explore some of the most popular—and powerful—products we offer to help you meet your business goals.

Clearing and Settlement

Manage clearing and settlement for data roaming transactions—seamlessly, securely, flawlessly.

Universal Commerce for BCE

Redefine your wholesale billing and charging processes to capitalize on the growth of IoT and 5G.

Syniverse Evolved Mobility®

3G network sunsets are coming, Syniverse is prepared to help you navigate this migration

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

Drive the next evolution of SMS text messaging in parallel with 5G.

RCS Interworking Hub

Drive the evolution of mobile messaging through a single access point for RCS P2P messaging traffic.

RCS MaaP Aggregation and Rating Engine

Manage Bot traffic through a centralized aggregation point for A2P messaging.

Wholesale Deal Management

From simulation to settlement, keep your focus on what drives the best results for your business.

Clearing and Settlement for Messaging

Monetize all A2P messaging traffic terminated across your network using one holistic solution.

Mobile Policy Control Center

Take control of the key performance areas of your roaming business.

Local Data Roaming

Compete against alternative roaming providers to keep home-issued SIMs and identity in use.

Total Visibility

Real-time signaling analysis to spot connectivity problems as they happen.

IPX Network

Build the foundation for the future of all IP-based services, including RCS, LTE and VoLTE.

Global ENUM

Securely and efficiently route IP-based communications globally for an optimal user experience.

Open Connectivity Complete

Rapidly establish a new revenue stream your business and launch global connectivity for customers.

Carrier Messaging Hub

A messaging solution that enables operators to monetize & gain control of their A2P messaging

Private Wireless

Best-in-class Private Wireless Networks solution to enhance your digital transformation seamlessly.

Data Clearing House (DCH)

Validate and transmit billing data between mobile operators regardless of technology standards.

Financial Clearing Services (FCS)

Innovative, reliable clearing services to enable processing transactions safely and consistently.

Ghost Roamers Solution

Increase your revenue by identifying Ghost Roamers on your network and effectively monetize.
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