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Mobile Network Operator Solutions
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Keep customers happy in the era of transformation.

Today’s mobile network operators are the foundational platform that subscribers depend on to make their mobile apps possible. Take control of your own digital transformation with Syniverse to stay ahead of the curve and guide your customers into the future.

Selected Customers

Mobile Transactions
Purchasing via mobile devices has never been more prominent.
Data Traffic Soaring
Expected to reach unprecedented exabyte/month levels by 2022.
IoT Devices on the Rise
By 2025, total number expected.
Network performance you can depend on.

Exceptional network performance is essential to exceed growing customer expectations and overcome fierce competition. And achieving peak performance means successfully managing complexity, delivering reliability, and ensuring security. Which is what we can do for you.

Syniverse ensures you have capacity when and where you need it, for both average and peak periods. We support a geographical topology for all regional network nodes, as well as onsite redundancy and strong security infrastructure. All while providing continual maintenance, persistent monitoring and solid contingency plans, so traffic's never disrupted.

Unequaled reach around the planet.

The need for tens of billions of devices to be globally connected will reshape what mobile means to your business. But with highly reliable direct network connections, you can harness the opportunity and offer higher-quality service, greater global reach, increased capacity and enhanced connectivity.

We maintain the world’s largest interconnected IPX Network, built for high capacity. And with regional network support and signaling POPs, our network gives customers a multitude of interconnection options, guaranteeing the lowest latency and highest quality.

Secure every connection from any type of threat.

Mobile security matters to every company. But the threat of malware is growing, and new cloud and IoT technologies introduce indistinct network edges and increased vulnerability. Protecting your network, and gaining visibility and control to proactively respond to attacks, is critical to the security of your business and your customers.

We'll empower you to provide security that drives a better customer experience. And we'll help you securely pass LTE data between operators and devices through our centrally governed solution—expanding the reach of your services and subscribers.

Guaranteed quality of experience.

Quality of experience—it's increasingly critical to your brand. But how can you drive quality of service and network visibility to build customer loyalty and drive increased revenue? And how can you do it while supplying roaming subscribers with the same bandwidth, speed, and access to applications they get on their home network?

With enforceable service-level agreements, we guarantee quality-of-service and class-of-service compliance with proper priority handling of high-value application traffic, minimizing latency and creating an enhanced experience.

“By joining forces with Syniverse, we’re one step closer to our goal of creating an environment where everything and everyone can become seamlessly connected, anywhere in the world.”

Mobile Operator Solutions

You face unique challenges, but Syniverse can provide the right set of tools to tackle them. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for a custom solution.

  • Syniverse provides the data needed to perform trip analysis that identifies a trend of frequent silent roamers within your country borders and then helps you target those roamers with rate plans that will entice them to use their devices.

  • You are integral in connecting subscribers, businesses, and “things” together. There’s huge value in it—to transact, to notify, and most importantly, to deliver meaningful conversations. That’s why it’s important to gain clarity over all the valuable messaging traffic that’s hitting your network. Take advantage of best-in-class spam prevention and clearing and settlement tools to maximize your messaging revenue streams to solidify your position in the messaging value chain.

  • Your subscribers need to make VoLTE calls while roaming, but ensuring SIP messages are formatted correctly across all of your roaming partners presents a challenge. Syniverse ensures the proper policies are in place to modify the messages and ensure your customers’ call go through.

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