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Securely route IP-based communications across the globe.

As the future of mobile communications converges on the internet protocol (IP), operators need to deliver valuable, secure user experiences in a 4G environment.

By taking advantage of LTE and RCS, operators can boost margins by delivering value-added services like VoLTE, ViLTE, IMS-based services, presence-enhanced phone books, rich media sharing, interactive multiuser chatting with text messaging, multimedia messaging services, and voice and video calling services.

But each of these services has its own internetworking challenges that must be simplified to reap benefits. Enter Syniverse Global ENUM.

For more technical details, download our Global ENUM reference architecture.

VoLTE-Supporting Devices
Nearly 2,000 mobile devices with support for VoLTE.
Commercial VoLTE Networks
194 across 91 countries.
IMS Market Size
$3.71 billion by 2023.
A better bottom line.

Reduce costs by consolidating signaling for IP-based services with in-band signaling, and by acquiring updated and customized routing information in a timely manner.

Global ENUM (Electronic Number Mapping System) helps global network operators answer the demand for cost-effective solutions to the challenges of number portability by deploying a standards-based next generation approach, enabling operators to focus their IP and IMS technology network investments as they achieve regulatory compliance.

Global ENUM VP1
Optimizing for efficiency.

Lessen capital investment and operating costs by enabling the operator to utilize a high-performance ENUM query engine without the expense of buying and operating private ENUM servers.

Built on Syniverse’s leading IPX network, Global ENUM enables mobile and fixed-line operators to correctly and efficiently route IP-based communications by delivering global reach with optimal internet working between operators. NG.105 and IR.67-compliant, the service offers a secure, private implementation that delivers an enhanced user experience to subscribers globally.

Global ENUM VP2
Utilize the power of Syniverse.

Take advantage of our advanced network operations center to monitor network and database services and ensure continued service reliability.

Global ENUM is built on a proven architecture developed for number portability. The strength of Global ENUM solution is the use of a variety of data sources that continually update both the Number Portability and ENUM databases with quality, authoritative data.

Global ENUM VP3

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