Enabling Private Networks for Enterprise

Private network enablement is the product of several complex components that working together allow a private wireless network to function seamlessly. One of these components with substantial influence on enabling a private network is connectivity. For over 35 years, Syniverse’s business has been deeply rooted in developing tools that allow for the successful connectivity of mobile devices, from localized networks to connections that span the globe.  

The power of private networks continues to be the ability to focus cellular connectivity within a smaller area, such as a campus or large manufacturing site. Private networks offer expanded bandwidth supporting a multitude of devices or SIM connections, the capacity to support increased data, security, and the ability to offer enhanced reach. But many devices are not sedentary; they might be nomadic and require connectivity beyond the private network as they traverse both regionally and internationally. Maintaining that seamless and secure connection from a local private network as it transitions onto a public network is key.  

Additionally having the power to maintain data integrity by keeping information originating within a private network secure as it moves from the sanctity of this network to an external application, completely avoiding the public internet is a tremendous advantage for organizations looking to maintain a level of security and network performance.  

Understanding the enablement of enterprise private networks—while developing the core benefits of having a greater ecosystem of players within the private network arena and how working together we can further drive the development and success of localized cellular networks—is a topic I focused on while attending and participating at the recent Enterprise 5G event in Santa Clara, CA. In an onsite interview (link below), I covered the topic of private network enablement, as well as these important areas: 

  • The deployment of private networks 
  • Understanding shared frequencies used by enterprises 
  • The current management of frequencies 
  • Typical enterprise private network use cases 
  • What is ahead for private networks? 

You can view my onsite interview with iGR by clicking the image below: 

( Vice President of Product Management )

Kathiravan is a Vice President of Product Management in the Carrier Business Unit of Syniverse. He is responsible for the management and growth of products that form Syniverse’s IoT and Private Wireless pillars.  These ‘Next Generation Solutions’ drive the development of emerging connectivity products, such as Global SIM & eSIM, Private LTE, Sponsored Roaming, Open Connectivity Complete and Secure Global Access, and combine them in seamless ways to support various IoT use cases.

Kathiravan has been in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years and has been deployed around the world to deliver products and services, specializing in new product introduction. He has a bachelor’s degree in computing (Hons) from University of Portsmouth, UK, and has been PMP certified since 2009.



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