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Settle deals quickly and accurately to boost your bottom line.

Syniverse Wholesale Deal Management simplifies how you manage multiple discounts, so you can identify and bring in the biggest and best deals faster.

Our wholesale deal management platform gives you the powerful automation necessary to process every detail with lightning speed and laser-sharp accuracy. From simulation to settlement, keep your focus on what drives the best results for your business.

High-Powered Automation
Calculate your deal outcomes in seconds.
Managing Deals on a Massive Scale
Typically trading more than 300 petabytes of data roaming traffic.
Robust Handling of Infinite Detail
4.5 billion SMS messages is typical volume in the deal process.
Manage deals from simulation to settlement.

Wholesale Deal Management gives you everything you need to successfully manage wholesale inter operator tariff (IOT) discounts throughout the entire deal lifecycle. Workflows, reporting, user-friendly interfaces, they're all part of an adaptable, continuously optimized deal management platform for reaching the pinnacle of your IOT discounting.

Execute deals with powerful automation.

Every detail matters when it comes to your deals. Wholesale Deal Management flawlessly handles all of them. It manages thousands of deals every day for customers across the globe, which is why they rely on it to save them millions of dollars while helping identify new opportunities.

Complete control of your deals.

Our proprietary forecasting algorithm gives you crystal clarity into how every deal performs. Dynamically predict actual performance against commitments, determine traffic steering quotes with country-level data, and access each deal through a custom preference-driven deal library. And stay ahead in successfully implementing your IOT discounting strategy.

Work with the experts.

With Syniverse, your roaming business is in experienced hands. We handle 65% of all global roaming traffic and settle over $15 billion annually. That sort of unrivaled knowledge and expertise is what enables us to develop the most effective products in the marketplace.


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