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Local Data Roaming

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Give your customers reliable connectivity and fast, unrestricted data.

Due to pricing issues related to global data roaming, many subscribers disable data roaming features on their devices before traveling, while others opt for alternatives upon arrival within another country.

Mobile operators are facing steep competition from alternative roaming solution providers for the lion’s share of the roaming market. Syniverse Local Data Roaming provides a way to compete against alternative providers to keep home-issued SIMs and identity in use, allowing more voice and SMS roaming revenue, better big data analysis and ultimately, delivering marketing opportunities to enterprises.

For more technical details, download our Local Data Roaming reference architecture.

International Tourist Arrivals
1.5 billion globally in 2019.
Silent Roamers
Silent roamers not using any data roaming services in 2018 accounted for 51 percent of total data roamers globally.
Supply more value to your subscribers.

Now more than ever, both business and leisure travelers want flexibility and accessibility—especially when it comes high-quality calls and fast, unrestricted data. But because of the high costs related to global data roaming, many subscribers (known as silent roamers) disable data roaming features on their devices before they travel abroad, so they can avoid costly data roaming charges.

Local Data Roaming (LDR) offers subscribers the option to use data roaming services at traditional local rates, wherever they travel in the world. And that empowers them to:

  • Enjoy the local rate without changing SIM cards or devices
  • Gain uninterrupted access to apps while roaming

And give visited operators more value too.

What can Local Data Roaming help you achieve? Increase wholesale data revenue without additional CapEx or network change. Enjoy the ability to sell local data to inbound travelers without retail or SIM card cost. And generate additional voice and SMS traffic, steering users to visited networks.

Because with Local Data Roaming, two roaming operators can work together, allowing the visited operator to provide mobile internet access at the visited market rate. And that gives inbound roaming subscribers using a home operator-issued SIM an experience that's distinguished and separated from traditional standard data roaming.

Home operators benefit from increased revenue.

Increase data roaming revenue for operators by enabling more silent roamers to use home operator-provided roaming solutions. This allows home operators to have a solution that can compete against alternative roaming solutions such as MiFi rental or local SIM card sales.

Generate new revenue by selling to silent roamers and non-roamers, keep silent/non-roamers from using alternative roaming solutions, and allow roamers to use the same SIM card, preserving identity-related roaming applications.


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