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Phone Number Verification

Phone Number Verification

Guide to Mitigating TCPA Risk
Guide to Mitigating TCPA Risk

Bad Phone Number Data = Broken Mobile Strategy

Are you missing out on the opportunity to interact with your customers because of bad phone number data? The answer is likely yes. Many brands aren’t aware of the hidden costs and risks that bad phone number data poses to their business every day. According to third-party data, the average cost per incorrect contact record is $100 if left untreated over time, because of increased calls to customer service, marketing costs and more.

Additionally, privacy laws such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the U.S. involve damages ranging from $500 to $1,500 per unsolicited call or text to a consumer. To avoid these unnecessary costs and risks, it’s critical to identify the bad phone numbers in your database.

Syniverse Phone Number Verification Service addresses this by performing an initial scrub of your database and looking up phone number attributes for a single number or a batch file of numbers to retrieve operator name, phone number type, and number validity. Additionally, the service proactively notifies you when a phone number has an event change in your database, such as a phone number being deactivated or switched to another mobile network provider.

With Syniverse Phone Number Verification Service, you can take advantage of these key capabilities:

  • Determine valid vs. invalid phone numbers
  • Distinguish between landline, mobile and virtual numbers
  • Proactively monitor phone number event changes such as porting, deactivation and true disconnect
  • Conduct single-number lookups or process numbers in batch files

Interested in getting started? Visit Syniverse Developer Community to access Phone Number Verification through our APIs. 


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