Creating Seamless Customer Experiences with Multichannel Orchestration

Multichannel and omnichannel communication strategies offer an array of opportunities to connect with customers. This is pushed further when combined with automated, rules-based orchestration. At the recent Mobile Ecosystems Forum (MEF) Connects Rich Communications virtual event session, “Creating Seamless Customer Experiences with Multichannel Orchestration,” I joined Mathias Muehlfelder of Syniverse, Tim Green of MEF, Douglas Orr of Novastone and Anthony Flack of Santander to discuss why it’s important to not only provide options for customers to tailor their own experiences, but to also create engagements that feel consistent and cohesive across those channels. Let’s explore more about this technology and the possibilities it unlocks.

Multi/omnichannel communication with orchestration saves companies time and money, two things of which businesses always want more. Orchestration allows companies to shift from an operation with hundreds of call center employees taking one call at a time to a system with lower headcount where each representative can two-way chat with multiple customers simultaneously.

In addition to this timeliness of service, business will also experience greater customer satisfaction by presenting customers with the option to select their preferred channel or the ability to seamlessly switch among the outlets. If a customer selects email as their preferred channel for marketing communications but wants to engage with the business’ customer service representatives via SMS, orchestration makes this trade smooth for customer and business alike. Along with SMS and email, orchestration offers business the capability to easily incorporate voice, push notifications, MMS and over-the-top (OTT) apps, like Facebook Messenger.

By introducing this concept of orchestration into every touch point, messages coming from different departments are transplanted into an intelligent workflow to ensure that the right message, reaches the right customer, on the right channel, at the right time. 

It was a pleasure to share more about multichannel and omnichannel communication with orchestration through the MEF webinar and Mathias, Tim, Douglas and Anthony. We received many thought-provoking questions, and I welcome discussing more as the technology continues to evolve and expand.

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