TravelSIM Australia and Syniverse Help Mobile Users Stretch Their Data

These days it seems there are few things more important to us than having constant mobile connectivity. Whether we’re traveling for work or vacationing in a faraway place, most of us can’t go more than a minute or two without high-speed, high-capacity connectivity.

This is one reason we’re delighted to announce today that TravelSIM, the mobile phone service for international travelers, in partnership with Syniverse, the world’s most connected company, is introducing Data Stretcher as a service to all mobile users who purchase TravelSIM. Data Stretcher is a default-on service for all mobile subscribers and available as part of the TravelSIM App. This new data optimization capability reduces data consumption so that mobile users can enjoy their data allowances going much further, which you can read about in more detail in the news release here.

News release: “TravelSIM Australia and Syniverse Deploy Data Stretcher Advantage to Optimize Mobile Users’ Global Connectivity”

TravelSIM is teaming with Syniverse, in cooperation with our partner Mobolize, to deploy this unique, on-device data management engine that controls the bit rate delivery speed of streaming video to right-size it for a mobile device. Additionally, the solution also caches popular content to further reduce data consumption and enhance data performance. These two data optimization techniques enable up to 80% data savings.

Just as voice and text messaging service have long been must-haves for mobile users, data service is now just as an essential part of most users’ mobile experience. TravelSIM, Syniverse and Mobolize are taking a big role in meeting that challenge, with a solution for mobile users, who don’t want to be frustrated with data limits, as well as for mobile service providers, which want to provide a superior customer experience while saving on wholesale roaming costs. We look forward to our next steps together with this solution, and encourage you to check out the news release for more information.

Abby Raven is a Director of Product Management and works at Syniverse’s headquarters in Tampa, Florida.



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