Syniverse and Botlink: Redefining Drone Connectivity

As drones and other unmanned aerial systems continue to expand to meet the new needs of enterprises worldwide, the reliability and connectivity for these devices must evolve to further enable these capabilities. These UAVs are becoming an integral and critical part of many business practices that lower cost, speed processes and deliver products and services in a safer manner for consumers. Use cases involve inspections of critical infrastructure systems, faster and safer deliveries of goods and services and they are used by first responders in emergency situations. That’s why Syniverse is working with Botlink to make communicating with drones more streamlined.

Multinetwork Coverage

Syniverse’s Global SIM and Botlink’s XRD features ensure seamless 4G LTE coverage throughout the flight. With multinetwork coverage, drones can travel across country borders while still keeping the best coverage. During the flight, the Global SIM in the XRD device automatically selects and reselects networks to get the best LTE coverage available. This allows the drone operator to stay in constant contact with the device as it flies its mission. There are over 400 cellular operators that would require unique SIM cards. However, with Global SIM as part of XRD, drone operators can cross all of these borders without needing to swap out the physical SIM cards each time.

Over the Air Updates

Because this collaboration enables drones to stay in the air when crossing over to other networks, drones also need to receive mission updates while the aircraft is in operation. Through the Global SIM and XRD collaboration, drone operators can send updated mission plans directly to the drone without needing to land the device. Together with multinetwork coverage, this makes for more efficient flights that save fuel and time that don’t have to waste either resource landing and launching multiple times.

Command Center

This additional freedom to stay in the air for longer periods of time necessitates improved command and control functionality. By using the Botlink XRD with Syniverse Global SIM, operators can now fly their devices beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Additionally, the command center offers operators the ability to manage the activation and deactivation of devices as well as data rate limits, all from a central portal. The portal also provides alerts of physical or security concerns and device analytics.

“When it comes to drone operations, our customers require end-to-end solutions that not only fully control their devices but monitor them, as well,” Matt Sather, Director of Sales and Marketing, Botlink, said. “Using cellular networks for drone communications is key to ensuring safe operations, and by utilizing Syniverse’s network we further enhance safety by leveraging multiple networks simultaneously.”

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