Syniverse Innovation Lab: Powering IoT to Connect the World

Richard Hodges: Hi, I’m Richard Hodges, Director of the Syniverse Innovation Lab, and my guest today is Shane Wooten, Senior Product Manager for Global SIM service. We’re going to talk today about how the Innovation Lab has helped out Syniverse Global SIM. Shane, can you tell us a little bit about your background in IoT since a Global SIM is instrumental to our IoT services?

Shane Wooten: Yeah, so a little background on myself. The last 15 years I’ve been working in connected products and emerging wireless, developing and taking different go-to-market strategies for web platforms, mobile platforms, iOS, Android, augmented reality, virtual reality robotics, artificial intelligence and for the last seven years I’ve really been focused on IoT platforms and ecosystems building them out from Fortune 50 companies down to start ups. It’s just really been a cool journey I’ve been on, and the digital transformation that the world is currently under, so it’s really cool.

Richard: It does sound very interesting, and we’re fortunate to have you at Syniverse. Shane, can you tell us a little bit about Global SIM and how Global SIM applies to the Internet of Things, IoT?

Shane: Yeah, it’s so important. The Internet of Things needs connectivity, and when you look at a lot of different go-to-market strategies and also when you take a step back and look at development and the technology stacks that companies are using to launch their products,

“One piece that is very paramount is connectivity and security. And those are two things that we take very seriously here at Syniverse.”


So having the ability to bolt on our Global SIM platform to any IoT technology stack and strategy can definitely move companies ahead much faster and give them global connectivity. So along with analytics and billing and management and SIM lifecycle management, there’s just so many things that go into a lot of folks don’t think about it, and we cover those bases, so it’s really cool.

Richard: Right. That does sound really cool. So, I’m the Director of the Innovation Lab. How has the Innovation Lab help to promote Global SIM?

Shane: Yeah, so the Innovation Lab, in my mind, has been strategic, and it’s been one of the cornerstones of our success in the program. And that’s because a lot of folks come to visit us, and they also are on calls with us, videos and different things like that. And the Innovation Lab and you taking control and having that passion to drive that initiative, you’ve really moved it forward by implementing real world IoT implementations: connecting our building, our parking lots, different stuff like that and showing how those use cases are effective. And then giving the ability for our customers to look at those use cases and touch them and feel them and see them in action truly has helped to really move it ahead as far as doing things. So it’s great.

Richard: I’m glad to hear that Shane. It’s been a lot of fun. Definitely have had some challenges. IoT’s not as easy as I would have hoped, but it was, it is very interesting. And we’re definitely very proud to have some of these use cases on display in real time at our corporate headquarters in Tampa. We’re coming up with the new virtual Innovation Lab, which will provide a global access to the Innovation Lab. How do you see the new virtual Innovation Lab helping out Global SIM?

Shane: I think it’s one step in the evolution. Syniverse is the world’s most connected company, and we are passionate about looking for ways to connect with our customers. We’re looking for ways to gather their voice of customer feedback and also to help them move forward in their journey of IoT connectivity. I think when you look at that strategy, it’s really cool to see that the Innovation Lab is going to be virtual, as well. We deal with a global community that’s looking for feedback and thought leadership. And I think this just opens up the door for folks to join us in that journey from around the world, so I think it’s really cool.

Richard: Great, great. Glad to hear it, and I look forward to continuing to work with you. So that wraps it up. Again, today we got to speak with Shane Wooten. He’s the Senior Product Manager for our Global SIM service, and I am Richard Hodges, the Director of the Innovation Lab. Thanks a lot, and have a great day.



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