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TravelSIM Australia and Syniverse Deploy Data Stretcher Advantage to Optimize Mobile Users’ Global Connectivity
TravelSIM Australia and Syniverse Deploy Data Stretcher Advantage to Optimize Mobile Users’ Global Connectivity search
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News Release

February 25, 2020

TravelSIM Australia and Syniverse Deploy Data Stretcher Advantage to Optimize Mobile Users’ Global Connectivity

MIAMI, Australia; SANTA MONICA, Calif.; and TAMPA, Fla. – Feb. 25, 2020 – TravelSIM, the mobile phone service for international travelers, in partnership with Syniverse, the world’s most connected company, today introduces Data Stretcher as a service to all mobile users who purchase TravelSIM. This new data optimization feature reduces data consumption so that mobile users can enjoy their data allowances going much further.

Data Stretcher is a default-on service for all mobile subscribers and available as part of the TravelSIM App. This is a new service to support the company’s mission to reduce the cost of using mobile phones when traveling overseas while maintaining a superior mobile data user experience.

As a leader in mobile innovation, TravelSIM has partnered with Syniverse, in cooperation with Mobolize, to deploy this unique, on-device data management engine that controls the bit rate delivery speed of streaming video to right-size it for a mobile device. Additionally, the solution also caches popular content to further reduce data consumption and enhance data performance. These two data optimization techniques enable up to 80% data savings.

Syniverse deployed Data Experience Optimization as an innovation to help achieve its mission to provide products and services that drive success for its partners. TravelSIM is first to market with this Syniverse and Mobolize solution. Data Stretcher is available to all prepaid TravelSIM®+ subscribers.

CLICK TO TWEET: .@TravelSIM_AUS, @Syniverse & @Mobolizecollaborate to increase data amount that mobile users enjoy at no extra cost. #dataallowance #dataroaming

Supporting Quotes

  • Jamien Zimmermann, CEO, TravelSIM

“We’re confident that the Syniverse Data Experience Optimization will be a valuable addition to our prepaid SIM card offering. It adds to our customer experience differentiation by increasing the amount of data that users can enjoy at no extra cost. In addition, we expect to see a reduction in wholesale data expenses. That’s a win-win for us and our subscribers.”

  • Jon Pritchard, President, Chief Revenue Officer, Syniverse

“Maintaining customer loyalty is crucial in today’s market, and TravelSIM is taking a leading role in meeting that challenge. With the industry seeing 80% of internet traffic coming from video, data optimization is a smart solution for both subscribers, who don’t want to be frustrated with data limits, and for service providers, which want to provide a superior customer experience while saving on wholesale roaming costs.”

  • Colleen LeCount, Chief Revenue Officer, Mobolize

“Mobolize’s goal is to ensure that subscribers enjoy more data and an improved customer experience, while improving margins for our customer. Our technology is easy to deploy on the mobile device as a software development kit into a mobile app like TravelSIM’s. We look forward to providing a superior data experience for TravelSIM’s international travelers.”

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About TravelSIM®+ Australia

TravelSIM is an easy to use prepaid service, designed to greatly reduce the cost of using your mobile phone when travelling overseas. With coverage in over 190 countries, great international roaming rates for calls, text and data, and dedicated customer support, TravelSIM is an essential tool for travelers. TravelSIM is available in more than 2,500 retail partner outlets in Australia so you’ll find it easy to join over 100 thousand fellow international travelers worldwide who used TravelSIM, a trusted expert in global roaming.

About Mobolize

Mobolize’s patented on-device data management software engine enables mobile providers to deliver value-added services that enhance the mobile data experience, increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) through improved margins and customer experience. Mobolize solutions are deployed on millions of Android and iOS smartphones globally.

About Syniverse

Syniverse is the world’s most connected company. We seamlessly connect the world’s networks, devices and people, so the world can unlock the full power of communications.

Our secure, global technology powers the world’s leading carriers, top Forbes Global 2000 companies, and billions of people, devices and transactions every day. Our engagement platform delivers better, smarter experiences that strengthen relationships between businesses, customers and employees.

For over 30 years, we have accelerated important advances in communications technology. Today we are an essential driver of the world’s adoption of intelligent connectivity, from 5G and CPaaS to IoT and beyond.

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