Transforming Your Business with RCS

Due to futuristic shows like Westworld and movies like The Terminator, society has had a fascination in artificial intelligence and the potential it can unlock, good or bad. Today’s technology is turning these possibilities from science fiction to reality. As brands look to take their customer experience to the next level, Rich Communication Services (RCS) can transform how customers and companies interact through artificial intelligence powered chatbots. With numerous differentiators, cost savings and use cases, RCS business messaging promises to completely redefine customer and brand engagements.

What is RCS Business Messaging and What Sets It Apart?

RCS is an intelligent communication platform that creates an interactive experience using text, video, graphics and clickable buttons in one message stream. One of the standout features with RCS is the ability to have messages delivered through the messaging client native to the phone without the need to install an app.

Numerous benefits of RCS

The chatbots work to streamline interactions between people and services to provide content, facilitate a purchase or connect with consumers. With artificial intelligent chatbots, RCS better understands when chatbots have reached their limits and hands the conversation over to a live agent. What’s more is these chatbots combine the ability for personalization and scale, enabling brands to increase their level of care while simultaneously interacting with more customers. RCS and the chatbots powering it unlock numerous opportunities for brands to easily create two-way conversations with customers.

Saving Time and Money

The capabilities of RCS are beneficial for both customers and companies. Companies leveraging the powers of RCS can save $11.5 billion combined by 2023 by reducing the number of customer service representatives needed to facilitate the customer calls. And during that same timeframe, businesses and consumers can save more than 2.5 billion hours, collectively, by using chatbots. Today, live agent calls cost companies an average of $7 per call. With RCS, companies can get this cost down to pennies. These savings can open up opportunities for companies to invest in new products, processes and people who will continue to improve the customers’ experiences.

Use Cases

Through the personalization capabilities of RCS, companies can specifically tailor their messages to meet customer needs and drive new value-added experiences. Below are a few examples of how RCS revolutionizes tasks to streamline these conversations.

Restaurant example of RCS
Medical example of RCS

The Syniverse Difference

With the Syniverse Intelligent Engagement Platform, all of the above use cases and more are possible. This platform has features like Consumer Privacy Management, which allows for customers to determine opt in and out preferences of RCS messaging, and Spam Protection, which protects users against fraud and unwanted messages. In addition to ensuring that business chatbots are discoverable to customers through the chatbot registry, Syniverse’s solution is the only RCS platform on the market to enable voice and video capabilities.

Our omnichannel services can coordinate your customer engagement strategies across departments and give brands a complete view of customers and their preferences. Whether companies want to service this themselves, with Syniverse assistance or fully managed by our experts, Syniverse makes it easy and customizable for brands to develop and execute a successful strategy that delivers results.

Check out this demo of RCS business messaging in action to experience how this communication technology redefines customer engagement.

Despite the dangers presented by the Hosts in Westworld and Skynet in The Terminator, artificial intelligence can dramatically improve how companies connect with their customers. As more networks enable RCS, the number of ways companies can leverage this technology will continue to grow.

How do you envision RCS changing customer engagement? Leave me a comment below, and let’s talk about it!

Kelly serves as a top sales executive supporting many top technical companies. At Syniverse, she helps companies realize their mobile potential by providing geo-location solutions, 2-way global cross-channel reach, end-to-end intelligence and simplicity necessary to interact via mobile devices. Prior to Syniverse, Kelly worked with various companies to provide the highest standards of quality, delivery and service. She is dedicated to providing best-in-class mobile strategies for numerous Fortune 100 companies.



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