Creating Harmony in Communications through Orchestration

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) has already reimagined the possibilities of brands communicating with customers, and now Orchestration – the pairing of CPaaS with workflow improvements and artificial intelligence (AI) integrations – further amplifies the potential for companies. Through our collection of connectors, companies will save countless hours and monetary line items as our solution streamlines many processes and improves their customers’ experience. Let’s dive into this technology now.

Orchestration: CPaaS plus Workflow Improvements and AI Integrations

First, let’s define a few of these terms. CPaaS is a cloud-based delivery model that allows organizations to add real-time communication capabilities, such as voice, video and text messaging, to business applications. This is accomplished by leveraging application program interfaces (APIs). At its core, CPaaS provides brands with the right presence on every possible channel their subscribers want to interact through.

Layering on top of that, Orchestration harmonizes data through “plug-and-play” connectors that unlock multiple enterprise grade cloud-based systems and applications potential. Orchestration also enables application integration including artificial intelligent chatbots, real-time decisioning trees and rules, and channel fallback by considering customer preferences to name a few. Orchestration securely connects communication capabilities like never before to allow enterprises to fulfill their dream of truly distinctive and differentiated offerings.

Orchestration’s Impact

So why is this important? While each company may have their own unique APIs, Orchestration serves as a translator to communicate these APIs from one company to another in the same language, allowing brands implement various use cases for their customers. Because of this, companies can decrease redundancies while streamlining repeatable processes by utilizing artificial intelligence and automated business rules while designing, developing and operating these systems instead of people performing the same tasks over and over. This also ensures a quicker and more precise deployment of software and updates. Ultimately, Orchestration creates a secure solution that is both flexible and scalable, resulting in more profit and success.

White Glove Approach

When looking for a company to implement Orchestration for your brand, four major differentiators set Syniverse apart from our competition:

Time to Market

With frequently updated and reusable connectors, we’re dedicated to getting you faster to market.

Reduce Complexity

By designing an infrastructure with decision trees built in, many of the intricate tasks are eliminated.

Faster Innovation

Through our experts and developer community Syniverse teams are focused on providing you with the information you need, new possibilities can occur and adapt sooner.

Operational Excellence

Through continuous tracking and operation optimization, you can view the full system from end-to-end, and we make sure it works with carrier-grade performance.

Orchestration Comes to Life

Many Brands already understand their customer communication preferences and typically keep those stored on their cloud platforms; those Brands face a common problem when trying to consider user preferences in combination with industry best practices. Then add on the challenge of aligning these to different rules and regulations to an international customer base. To further complicate the matter, brands also engage with consumers through various silo-systems and channels for notifications, security alerts, one-time-passwords, promotional marketing messages and surveys. With all these segmented outlets, brands need a system with more consistency and harmony in the communication.

Syniverse’s CPaaS solution enables uniform communication across all channels, considering a holistic context to assertively apply business rules while considering customer preferences, international rules and regulations to allow each enterprise application to fulfill customer needs. This could include falling back to a specific channel for critical alerts or withholding marketing messages as to not inundate the consumer.

Syniverse Orchestration - Intelligent Engagement with CPaaS Platform

With this co-created solution approach, our customers can free up money and resources for onboarding the next innovative technology or initiatives to improve customer experience. Innovation and adaptation come natively in this solution. By allowing enterprise systems to securely connect with our solutions, Syniverse customers experience this tailored care for their communications with their users every step of the way.

How do you see Orchestration changing the communications world? Leave a comment below so we can discuss further.

Pablo Mlikota serves as President of Sales for Enterprise in the Americas and leads the management and expansion of Syniverse’s product offerings and market share. Previously, he served as President of Sales for the Caribbean and Latin America region.

Prior to these roles, Mr. Mlikota served as Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Caribbean and Latin America, and Global Strategic Programs, and oversaw Syniverse’s sales operations in this region as well as managed Syniverse’s worldwide services delivery for several large group Mobile Operators customers. He also worked in the product management side as Senior Vice President, Global Business Services and Solutions, and helped customers reduce operational costs and enable new revenue-generating capabilities through the utilization of big data, real-time intelligence solutions and consultative services.

Before joining Syniverse, he served as Chief Operating Officer and General Manager for a Digital Marketing firm (Newlink Group), and as Senior Vice President of Sales and Services for Global Crossing Latin America (now Level 3). His experience also includes leadership positions in marketing, customer service, and sales at Nokia and AT&T.

Mr. Mlikota received a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from the University of Buenos Aires and an MBA from the University of Miami. He also maintains positions with the international academic community as Chair of International Business at San Andres University in Argentina and as Chair of International Business and Negotiation Skills at DeVry University’s Miami campus.



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