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How Do Oracle and Syniverse Partner to Transform the Recruiting Industry? 

Businesses are currently facing rapid developments and evolving workforce demographics. The influx of millennials and Gen Z into the labor market has introduced new career expectations and communication preferences. Since attracting top talent is vital, HR leaders must rethink their recruitment strategies.  

This shift requires a recruitment process that identifies talent quickly and effectively engages them. The partnership between Syniverse and Oracle offers a groundbreaking solution to these challenges. It uses top-quality SMS messaging technology from Syniverse and Oracle’s human capital management (HCM) platform to change the recruiting industry. 

Update your recruiting processes with SMS messaging 

How Does SMS Messaging Help the Recruiting Industry?

Without proper HCM systems, disengaged candidates slip through the cracks. SMS messaging makes it easier to submit information and communicate in real-time and reduces the number of abandoned applications.  

SMS messaging tends to have a higher open rate than emails because of the prominent role of smartphones. It also empowers candidates, making them feel valued and heard, while improving the onboarding process. Engaged candidates can easily transition to engaged employees. 

Oracle partnered with Syniverse to enhance the capabilities of their Recruiting Booster tool. This  HCM tool improves candidates’ interactions with companies through SMS messaging. This tool brings Syniverse’s strong SMS messaging features into Oracle Recruiting, allowing two-way messages and more direct and effective communications between recruiters and candidates.   

Companies can save time and resources using Oracle’s recruiting cloud HCM platform. It was designed to handle every part of candidate interaction and communication. Candidates can use this to apply for jobs, set up interviews, and stay connected throughout the hiring process.  

Recruiting Booster combined with SMS messaging makes applying for jobs easier and improves candidates’ overall experience with text messaging. Gen Z and Millennials generally prefer instant forms of communication like SMS messaging.  

HCM systems can be complex, bloated with unessential features, or too simplistic. The partnership between Oracle’s Recruiting Booster and Syniverse’s SMS messaging aims to make the process easier for everyone involved. HR leaders can be more efficient with human capital management, and candidates can manage their applications. Two-way text and email support allow for real-time communication between HR and candidates. It makes answering questions easier, updates candidates about their application status, and keeps them engaged. 

Why Does Oracle Choose Syniverse as its Integration Partner? 

Syniverse and Oracle have been partners for over 10 years, supporting many different technologies. The partnership between Oracle and Syniverse offers many advantages to the recruiting industry, including improved security, enhanced adherence to regulations, and increased return on investment.  

It achieves this with better candidate engagement, ensuring effective and smooth processes. The partnership also provides a single billing system, making financial dealings and vendor management much easier. 

Global Reach and Omnichannel Solutions

Syniverse, the world’s most connected company ®   is helping Oracle reach people globally without issues.   Keeping candidates engaged makes them more likely to complete applications and respond to requests. This leads to an increase in ROI. Thanks to its large global presence, Syniverse makes it possible to connect with candidates anywhere in the world.

Security, Compliance, and Integration

Security and following rules are top priorities for Syniverse. Syniverse uses strict procedures and modern technology to ensure all messages are safe and meet legal standards. This helps protect companies from fines and damage to their reputation. 

Syniverse’s adaptable connectors and API-based integration make adding messaging services to existing systems easy. A team of specialized engineers helps ensure this process goes smoothly. 

Team of Trusted Advisors

Partnering with Syniverse gives businesses the support of an entire team of experts. They can help with everything from sales to customer success. This team ensures everything is set up smoothly and continues to operate well, letting HR leaders concentrate on big-picture plans instead of technical details. 

Why Choose Syniverse and Oracle?

The partnership between Syniverse and Oracle offers an excellent solution for today’s recruiting challenges. SMS messaging combined with a human capital management system provides a smooth, immediate, and better experience for candidates. This method meets the needs of a tech-savvy workforce and global companies’ operational demands. 

Revolutionize your human capital management with SMS 

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With a strong background in product management and business development, David leads Syniverse’s strategic alliances engagement with a particular focus on Oracle and Adobe use cases.

The bulk of David’s career has been focused on elevating the point where organizational and human performance intersect. Prior to Syniverse, he spent many years at a human capital research firm and think tank where he worked with heads of HR and their leadership teams to help them achieve their strategic initiatives with empirically tested and data backed approaches. He provided qualitative and quantitative research insights regarding people processes, employee engagement, and employer brand for member organizations in the public and private sectors ranging in size from 1,000 employees to over 1M global employees.

David is a graduate of the University of South Florida with degrees in Engineering and Engineering Management and is based out of our Tampa, FL headquarters.



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