Rich Communications Services (RCS) Unlocks User-Friendly Capabilities to Securely Evolve Beyond SMS

Rich communication services (RCS) has quickly transcended from a concept to a preferred channel with exponential growth. The next evolution of standard text messaging integrates directly into users’ handsets and offers enhanced capabilities, including unlimited character count, rich interactive media, and spam filtering.

Growth of RCS

By 2023, RCS is expected to have 3.1 billion users and account for five times its current marketing spend. This increase directly connects to the unprecedented ROI with some campaigns reaching well over 200%.

Key drivers of this success are the user-friendly experience and security features woven throughout the channel.

Elevating Beyond SMS

A major difference from traditional SMS is the ability to integrate trackable carousel options that allow users to select options that help guide the conversation. This could include food menu categories, flight change options or customer service question. For these business to consumer messaging, the platform clearly displays the company name, brand colors and verification shield – all contributing to improved customer experience and trust.

Some highlights of RCS

The Syniverse Difference

In addition to these features enhancing the overall interface and user confidence in the brand, operators can take advantage of added data privacy and control. With Syniverse’s RCS solution, operators retain full control of their data throughout the entire process. And unlike other RCS solution providers, Syniverse never mines the data or upsells to others. This keeps operators’ data as well as their subscribers’ data secure and private.

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As Vice President of Product Management, Chris Wright oversees the mid-term strategy for Syniverse’s product portfolios, using close working relationships with customers and in-depth research of industry trends. Since first joining Syniverse, in 1996, Chris has held a number of senior positions, including, most recently, Senior Director of Global Messaging, in which he was responsible for global P2P messaging strategy and product development, and Managing Director and Acting Vice President of Syniverse’s Würzburg, Germany, office, in which he led the integration of the A2P and P2P messaging businesses of MACH following Syniverse’s acquisition of that company. His other positions have included Development Manager for Signaling Solutions and Messaging, Technology Research Manager and Senior Product Manager. Over his 20-year-plus career, Chris has made numerous contributions to the telecommunication industry, which have included co-authoring the gateway Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol (SMPP) interoperability standards that are currently utilized in North America. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electromechanical engineering from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton.



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