Syniverse’s Role in the Connectivity between Public and Private Networks

Private wireless networks offer enterprises many benefits including better coverage, improved performance through enhanced security, and greater bandwidth allowing for many more devices to be connected within the local wireless network. Having a private network also allows enterprises to have better control over the devices that are connected to their network.

But the strength of a private wireless network can also be its weakness. What happens when an enterprise wants the flexibility to allow mobile devices or even IoT devices to move in and out of private wireless networks? Can private networks be configured to allow a mobile device to efficiently and securely move from a private to a public network?

The key to allowing devices to move from a private wireless network to a public network and then back again is strong relationships between network providers. Offering fully tested interoperability between networks while ensuring devices can easily traverse between the two is crucial.  

This streamlined interoperability is based on having a solid telecom interconnection model in place as well as strong relationships with operators across the globe. These elements are necessary in the authentication of devices when entering either a private or public network, whether it be an on-premise solution or a hosted core solution. In addition, a form of intelligence is also required for the devices to select the appropriate network when the private network and public network are both available.

With in-depth knowledge and experience providing interconnections for mobile operators, Syniverse has taken a foundational position in the development of private-to-public network interoperability with our market-leading IPX network. But an IPX providing interoperability is only the initial step in establishing connectivity between public and private networks. Syniverse has taken additional steps to make the connectivity and control of devices between networks seamless through Global SIMs, integration of management controls through our Mobile Policy Control Center (MPCC) solution, reporting of network analytics with our Total Visibility solution, and ease of management via API-based portals.

Watch the attached short video where I further describe how Syniverse’s role in the connectivity between Public and Private Networks is key, and visit our Private Wireless Network web page to learn more.

( Vice President of Product Management )

Kathiravan is a Vice President of Product Management in the Carrier Business Unit of Syniverse. He is responsible for the management and growth of products that form Syniverse’s IoT and Private Wireless pillars.  These ‘Next Generation Solutions’ drive the development of emerging connectivity products, such as Global SIM & eSIM, Private LTE, Sponsored Roaming, Open Connectivity Complete and Secure Global Access, and combine them in seamless ways to support various IoT use cases.

Kathiravan has been in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years and has been deployed around the world to deliver products and services, specializing in new product introduction. He has a bachelor’s degree in computing (Hons) from University of Portsmouth, UK, and has been PMP certified since 2009.



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