Managing the Complexities of Connectivity for Enterprises and Operators

The service provider’s role in enabling the deployment of private mobile networks

Powering digital transformation by connecting devices and powering verticals from manufacturing to healthcare, private wireless networks are driving innovation across multiple industries, allowing enterprises to modernize and digitize their infrastructures while improving processes that run core operations quickly and efficiently. But there are many complexities associated with the implementation and enablement of mobile private networks that both enterprises and operators are facing.

mobile private networks

For enterprises, the need to navigate a new modern communication backbone to enable the cellular connectivity both locally and beyond the boundaries of their property is critical. For mobile operators, the ability to manage the influx of private network requests and relationships can be overwhelming.

One key to helping navigate this complex web of connections and networks is understanding the enablement of private networks. Developing the core benefits of having a greater ecosystem of players within the private network arena, we can further drive the development and success of localized cellular networks.

Mobile private networks solutions consist of a private Radio Access Network (RAN) and a private core mobile network that together deliver a private, secure, and high-performing network that can handle the needs of verticals ranging from industrial to healthcare.

Comprehending the necessities of a private localized enterprise cellular network from device connectivity, connectivity at scale, establishing controls, implementing security, and maintaining connections as devices move from the private network to the macro network—and even internationally—is best handled by organizations with extensive experience.

Enter private network brokers offering the expertise to not only participate in the critical core functions of a private cellular network for enterprises looking for network management support, but also helping operators to deliver private network services quickly and securely to the enterprise.

mobile private networks for enterprises

Syniverse offers a complete Private Wireless solution for enterprises with the options to deploy the entire mobile core at the edge of the network, all in cloud or in a hybrid mode with control plane on cloud and user plane on the enterprise edge.

And through private network brokerage services, Syniverse can help operators easily manage, scale, and sell private networks, including private LTE and 5G network services to enterprise customers, helping to increase profits while delivering additional value to enterprises.

At MWC Barcelona February 2022, I met with several operator customers that are currently looking to tap the experience of a private network broker to expand their enterprise reach. They recognize that the explosion in the private network use cases has resulted in a massive number of enterprises who have roped in the operator for assistance to enable their private networks.

Many operators are not able to organically grow their teams to facilitate these requests. In addition, some operators are hesitant to allow the large number of private networks to be connected directly into their core network.

Challenges for Enterprises

For the enterprises, navigating through the complexity of a private network deployment can be daunting. There are so many aspects that needs to be determined:

  • What type of radio equipment to use?
  • How the spectrum is going to be managed?
  • Does the use case require mobility?
  • What about security?
  • Are there any latency requirements?

Enterprises quickly realize that they will need a trusted partner who can simplify these decisions for them, and provide a solution based on their exact use cases.

Partner With Private Network Experts

In short, many exhibitors and participants showcased various 5G and Private Network capabilities this year. Most of the technology exhibited was around Private Network island-type deployment. Syniverse secured an extensive amount of interest to collaborate, especially by utilizing our Private Wireless connectivity and mobility solutions.

( Vice President of Product Management )

Kathiravan is a Vice President of Product Management in the Carrier Business Unit of Syniverse. He is responsible for the management and growth of products that form Syniverse’s IoT and Private Wireless pillars.  These ‘Next Generation Solutions’ drive the development of emerging connectivity products, such as Global SIM & eSIM, Private LTE, Sponsored Roaming, Open Connectivity Complete and Secure Global Access, and combine them in seamless ways to support various IoT use cases.

Kathiravan has been in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years and has been deployed around the world to deliver products and services, specializing in new product introduction. He has a bachelor’s degree in computing (Hons) from University of Portsmouth, UK, and has been PMP certified since 2009.



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