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Private LTE

Private LTE network solutions empower businesses to transform their operations. How? By providing the secure, reliable, flexible wireless connectivity that business-critical applications demand.

Automation. Digital transformation. Industrial internet of things (IoT). Powering the future of business requires high-performance, reliable wireless connectivity capable of securing critical communications, while expanding capacity to manage increased data demands.

Quick to install and easy to set up, Wi-Fi has become the standard for connecting devices within relatively small areas. But its limitations surrounding capacity, reach, and security present many challenges. Especially as device usage, introduction of IoT applications, and increased demand on local networks test Wi-Fi’s ability to keep up.

So what’s the solution? A cellular-based network capable of reaching a wider area—allowing for expanded data capacity, increased speeds, and greater security. Private LTE.

What Is Private LTE?

Private LTE is a cellular network like that of those maintained by large communications providers. The difference? Private LTE is independent of these provider networks, supplied on a much smaller scale, and focused on a specific localized area. Like larger networks, the installed core network servers are dedicated to supporting the connectivity of a specific organization’s requirements.

A private LTE network allows organizations to customize their networks for mission-critical applications. The network can be optimized to support applications that require low latency and independence from the potentially congested and unpredictable public wireless spectrum. And because CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) frequencies introduced by the FCC can be accessed in the United States, data is kept local while offering greater range, capacity, security, and interoperability.

The control and customization in implementing a local cellular network make it suitable for a wide range of business settings—stadiums, airports, shipping ports, railroads, mines, oil and gas fields, warehouses, factories, agriculture, smart cities, and public transportation. Rural locations with relatively poor cell coverage can also benefit from the implementation of private LTE networks.

Private LTE: Opportunities and Challenges

The possibilities that private LTE brings to both enterprises and rural markets are exciting. But the implementation of localized LTE networks requires specific knowledge and expertise. A successful private LTE rollout requires familiarity with the technologies and equipment used to construct and maintain a typical mobile network. In order to build and manage a private LTE network in-house, businesses will have to hire relevant mobile network support engineers and managers, overcome a steep learning curve, and rationalize associated costs.

Experience Counts

An expert managing mobile network infrastructures, Syniverse can help. By using Syniverse’s private LTE service, enterprise customers will be able to save the costs of building their own private LTE network. And they can do it while taking advantage of network elements with both local high availability and georedundancy. All to provide the reliability, security, and quality of service and unmatched network interconnections with mobile operators worldwide.

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