How Syniverse Reduces the Complexities of Private Wireless Networks

Private cellular networks are continuing to expand, helping power innovation across industries and allowing businesses to unlock exponential growth. Used by organizations to increase connectivity between systems and secure critical infrastructure, private networks are localized, closed wireless networks designed to improve latency, performance, security, and reliability.

Worldwide Private LTE/5G Wireless Infrastructure Market Set to Reach $8.3 Billion by 2026, According to IDC

Many of today’s private network use cases focus on how organizations can improve their connectivity at large locations such as business campuses or manufacturing plants, as well as remote locations such as mines or agricultural fields where wireless connectivity can be lacking.

These use cases are now expanding in scope and include the growing need for seamless connectivity as mobile devices (e.g., sensors and tracking devices in packages, machinery, shipping containers, trucks, etc.) move between a localized cellular network and the more expansive macro network.

For many organizations looking to implement a private wireless network, the complexities of bringing together the correct vendors with the proper equipment can be a daunting task. As the need for specialized solutions that solve specific organizational requirements grows, so do efforts by ecosystem players.

Syniverse, in partnership with other industry leaders, offers a comprehensive Private Wireless Network solution including Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs), SIM management, hosted or on-prem core functionality, policy, and cloud integration. Our solution further enhances Private Wireless Networks with the ability to seamlessly move between private and public networks using our patent-pending Automated Network Reselection (ANR) technology, a new and first-of-its-kind solution. This allows for devices and users of a private network to remain connected even when they are outside the confines of their private network.

Private wireless networks will continue to provide benefits and be attractive solutions for many businesses and verticals. While the isolation they offer provides inherently secure bandwidth for local devices, it also creates private network islands – a challenge for devices needing the flexibility to roam beyond the local network’s border. Implementing capabilities that permit connected devices to roam both domestically and internationally, while seamlessly reconnecting to the private network to resolve critical communications issues, will be important as the world becomes increasingly more connected through the current 4G and quickly growing 5G platforms.

Watch the attached short video where I further describe how Syniverse reduces the complexities of private wireless networks.

( Vice President of Product Management )

Kathiravan is a Vice President of Product Management in the Carrier Business Unit of Syniverse. He is responsible for the management and growth of products that form Syniverse’s IoT and Private Wireless pillars.  These ‘Next Generation Solutions’ drive the development of emerging connectivity products, such as Global SIM & eSIM, Private LTE, Sponsored Roaming, Open Connectivity Complete and Secure Global Access, and combine them in seamless ways to support various IoT use cases.

Kathiravan has been in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years and has been deployed around the world to deliver products and services, specializing in new product introduction. He has a bachelor’s degree in computing (Hons) from University of Portsmouth, UK, and has been PMP certified since 2009.



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