Users’ Group Brings the Best of Syniverse to Customers

Of all the ways we work with our customers, the occasions when we can meet in person are my favorite. Although technology makes it easier than ever to collaborate, I’m always amazed at how rewarding it is to be able to spend quality time with our customers – and our customers with each other – to exchange ideas face to face.

This is why I’m excited to announce the launch of our Syniverse Users’ Group, which we’re kicking off with an inaugural meeting in Tampa, Florida, from June 3 to 5. The Users’ Group marks a new chapter for Syniverse that allows us to build stronger relationships with customers through a strategic program of activities and events that include technology seminars, panel discussions, product working groups, and networking sessions.

Katrina Cashman with Meghan Mangan, Director of Corporate Events, and Christina Salley, Senior Meeting Planner.

Me (left) with two of my colleagues who are helping me plan our inaugural Users’ Group meeting, Meghan Mangan, Director of Corporate Events, and Christina Salley, Senior Meeting Planner.

As one of the leaders of the Users’ Group, I’ve received a number of questions from customers recently, and, in this post, I’d like to explain some details more closely. If you’re a customer who’s not familiar with the program yet, please read on to learn more, and register to join us in Tampa on June 3

What’s the purpose of the Users’ Group?
To build stronger relationships with our customers. Specifically, the group will provide customers with a forum for them to discuss common topics and requests involving Syniverse products. The group will also educate customers on the latest technology issues and trends, and on Syniverse’s latest lessons learned from recent work. And the group will also gather customer feedback on desired product updates, product modifications, and new products to address emerging industry developments and trends.

Is the Users’ Group open to all customers?
Yes, with the first phase involving only our communications provider customers. A second phase will expand the program to include our enterprise customers. This two-phased approach allows us to roll out the program in the most successful way possible, and test and refine everything carefully before we extend the program.

What inspired the creation of the group?
We had a similar group several years ago, and although it was discontinued, it had such a great reputation that we regularly received requests by our customers and our own account and product teams to bring it back. Another reason for the group, though, is simply the speed of change in today’s technology industry. Our communications provider customers, in particular, continue to contend with rapidly evolving network technology like 5G, blockchain, and the internet of things, new regulatory requirements, commoditization of formerly lucrative services, and growing competition from new market players. We have experts at Syniverse right on the front lines of these areas who are up to date on the latest technologies and who offer crucial insights for our customers to better understand and respond to these changes.  

Who leads the Users’ Group, and how do they define the strategy?
We’ve developed a cross-sectional leadership structure to ensure robust communication and representation among our different customers. An executive committee consisting of six customers leads the Users’ Group. Their primary role is to assist us in planning and managing the Users’ Group meetings, and to act as a formal communication channel between Syniverse and all Users’ Group members.

We’re proud to have these distinguished individuals and their companies serve as members of our inaugural executive committee:

  • Luke Sessions, Senior Manager, Software Development, T-Mobile (Chairperson);
  • Brian Biernat, Director, Vendor Relations and Core Network Standards, C Spire;
  • Mihaela Ambrozie, Principal Service Manager, Operations, Vodafone Roaming Services;
  • Tina Donaldson, Director, Carrier Relations and Business Development, Twilio;
  • Angie Flom, Vice President, Billing and Roaming Operations, ATNI/Commnet;
  • Terry Rolston, Senior Manager, Network Roaming, Bell Mobility.

These members will serve a one-year term. Each member is supported by a Syniverse “sponsor” representing our different service areas who is assigned to assist one member in developing initiatives and planning agenda items that have value for all customers. At the end of the term, a nomination process and election will be held among the full Users’ Group membership to seat a new executive committee. Additionally, we’ve created product working groups, for areas like IPX and Diameter signaling, and mobile policy, that bring together a mix of customer and Syniverse experts to work on and share important updates. As the Users’ Group grows and the membership becomes more active, we’ll be identifying and implementing subcommittees focused on major areas of interest, such as emerging technologies, fraud and security, and the internet of things.

What’s on tap for the inaugural Users’ Group meeting, from June 3 to 5, in Tampa?
We have a full agenda! There will be seminars and workshops covering some of the biggest areas in technology, including 5G, blockchain, the internet of things, and secure network connectivity, and there will be a number of other product working groups and networking events. I urge all Syniverse communications provider customers to sign up or find out more about the meeting at our registration site here or below. And for Syniverse enterprise customers, please stay tuned for an update on the launch of our second phase of the Users’ Group in the near future. I hope to see all our customers taking part in the Users’ Group soon!   

Register here for the Syniverse Users’ Group inaugural meeting, June 3-5.



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