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Syniverse Secure Global Access is an unparalleled platform for implementing transformative business ideas.

As a private, members-only network, Secure Global Access bypasses threats from the public internet. It provides the network and resources to securely transport business data, while connecting to the world’s mobile operators and cloud service providers. It gives companies transitioning to cloud environments the ability to move data and services privately and securely.

That means your business has the ability to deploy secure IoT solutions, gain insights from intelligent data analysis, or integrate communications between remote locations.

For more technical details, view our Secure Global Access reference architecture.

The World Is Connected
Intel estimates 200 billion connected devices in 2020.
Global Economic Impact
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) may add up to $14.2 trillion to the world's economy by 2030.
The Cost of Cybercrime
Cybercrime damages to reach $6 trillion per year by 2021.
Truly global reach through a single source.

Our secure, global network is the largest of its kind, connecting you to over 7 billion devices today, and ready to reach 50 billion more. And with Secure Global Access, you're protecting your critical assets while creating a channel to harness the potential of emerging technologies.

Supporting Secure Global Access is our core network that spans the planet, operating from 34 major data centers and numerous smaller points-of-presence (PoPs). That allows customers from nearly any country to connect at lower costs and with greater network performance.

Built with a focus on the future of connectivity.

As the internet of things expands, businesses will need to securely connect billions more devices. But more connectivity can mean more complexity and points of vulnerability for hackers to exploit.

Secure Global Access was created with security and IoT in mind. So you can protect your data while ensuring you reach your customers, devices, and machines anywhere they need to go—today and tomorrow.

Unmatched security and reliability.

It only takes one point of vulnerability to impact a network. Which is why we built Secure Global Access on a private network that's isolated from the public internet and all its threats.

We minimize your vulnerability by reducing the number of untrusted users through provisioned entry points and limiting physical network access.

And we do it all while providing 99.9% reliability, supporting low latency connections with a redundant and high-availability core connection.

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