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Connected LTE

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Connected LTE provides a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of complementary solutions designed to help mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators and enablers (MVNO/MVNEs) launch robust and cost-effective LTE roaming over IPX network and interconnect services. These services enable a rapid implementation with a more cost-effective approach than implementing individual infrastructure elements and direct partner connections. What this means for mobile service providers is they spend less on capital and operating expenses while realizing a faster return on investment, all while staying fully compliant with GSMA guidelines.

Connected LTE for GSM Coverage
Connected LTE for GSM (Click to view)

Syniverse’s Connected LTE GSM delivers high-performance LTE roaming over a high-quality and secure IPX network. In this way, Connected LTE GSM offers the greatest global reach, VoLTE roaming, IMS LTE and the highest quality of service (QoS) and class of service (CoS).

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Connected LTE for CDMA coverage
Connected LTE for CDMA (Click to view)

For CDMA MNOs that are looking to both future-proof their networks and simplify their migration plans to 4G, Syniverse’s Connected LTE CDMA delivers a fully integrated suite of solutions. These solutions offer a high-quality and secure IPX network that also enables access to the largest footprint of connected global mobile operators.

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2015 Syniverse IPX recognized at the LTE Awards

2015 Syniverse IPX recognized at the LTE Awards

The Syniverse IPX was recognized at the 2015 LTE Awards as the Best Roaming Solution as a result of providing the greatest direct reach and widest portfolio of solutions available from a single platform.

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Syniverse LTE

Syniverse enables seamless Connected LTE. Learn how to capitalize on 4G possibilities.

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