How Mobile Is Shaping the Future of Airline Marketing

Mobile technology is rapidly changing the landscape of airline marketing. Customer expectations are now higher than ever, and every interaction is an important opportunity to either contribute to or detract from a brand’s reputation. 

Whether it’s pre-flight communication about a gate change or a post-flight follow-up offering a special promotion, airlines across the globe are tapping into the potential of mobile communication to meet the expectations and needs of today’s customers.

As the world’s first cloud-native, unlimited capacity global communication platform for enterprises, Syniverse’s Hyperscale Communications Platform is on the cutting edge of mobile experience marketing. In this article, we’ll explore the ways mobile technology can improve customer satisfaction throughout a traveler’s journey, and how a hyperscale cloud provider like Syniverse can help.

Take the Passenger Experience to the Next Level

Airline marketing strategies are evolving rapidly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, where flight disruptions, delays, and cancellations continue to capture national headlines and stir social media conversations. Mobile technology, in particular, is leading the charge in how airline marketers are effectively responding to these challenges.

Here are just a few ways that mobile technology is changing the airline marketing game:

Location-specific ads let you create localized customer experiences

Location-specific ads are a great way to reach local audiences with personalized information about your services and offers. If an airline wants to reach out to travelers who are going on vacation to Florida, they can now craft customer journeys and experiences that expose customers along the way to location-specific add-on deals, special offers, or information about the activities available in the area.

Respond to flight disruptions by offering alternative flights or compensation

Nothing creates customer stress and anxiety like a flight disruption. How airlines manage these events can make or break the way a customer perceives your brand in the future. With any disruption, whether it’s a flight delay or cancellation, timely communication is key. 

Using an omnichannel communications platform like Syniverse CPaaS, airlines can instantly reach travelers through the mobile channels of their choice to alert them of the disruption. From there, you quickly provide the customer with personalized alternatives or offers that can help take the edge off of the bad news or even turn a negative event into a positive customer experience.

Push notifications allow for immediate, high-visibility touchpoints with your customers

Push notifications are more highly visible to users compared with traditional means of communication, like email or text messaging, and have an overall higher interaction rate. They also allow airline marketers to create a more curated digital experience by guiding customers directly to their mobile application for additional information and next steps. 

Create New Revenue Opportunities Through Mobile

Emerging mobile technologies are changing the way airlines do business, and they’re creating new opportunities for airline marketers to create value and drive additional customer loyalty.

Mobile payments and NFC technology create frictionless buying experiences

Mobile payments make it easier for passengers who are traveling abroad because they don’t have to carry cash with them or worry about exchanging currency before they leave home. NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology and mobile wallets can also speed up transactions with a single tap on a kiosk or terminal. 

By reducing friction in the buying process, airline marketers increase the likelihood of customers making in-airport and in-flight purchases for food, drinks, and access to ancillary services, such as WiFi, movies, and games.

Loyalty programs build long-term customer relationships

Loyalty programs are a traditional airline marketing strategy that seeks to reward repeat customers and create long-term relationships with frequent flyers. Mobile technology has given airline marketers an even greater toolkit with which to upgrade their loyalty programs.

Airlines can now promote their loyalty benefits (e.g., miles, points, etc.) to customers in real time on their mobile devices, and many airlines are using mobile technology to present personalized offers and make it easier for customers to access their loyalty benefits at any point during their travel experience. 

These mobile-empowered loyalty programs not only provide a better experience for customers but also give airline marketers immediate feedback on how customers are interacting with their products and services. This visibility allows airlines to more specifically incentivize repeat business and carefully modify experiences to be more effective and profitable.

Guide users to ancillary services

With mobile technology, airlines can now use their apps to guide customers to ancillary services they may not have known about otherwise, such as airport lounges and other amenities. They can also use mobile communication to promote in-flight benefits, such as WiFi access, or connect customers to partner deals with local vehicle rental services, hotels, and more. All of these combine to increase the average revenue per customer.

Streamline the Airline Passenger Journey

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way we travel and can be used to streamline every aspect of the customer experience. For example, before a flight, mobile apps allow customers to easily book flights on their phone any time day or night. This convenience allows customers to find exactly what they want, when they want it—whether they are planning an impromptu trip across the country or an elaborate international vacation.

During flights, mobile technology provides passengers with real-time updates on their flight status, as well as access to entertainment options and other important information and amenities.

After the customer’s flight, mobile apps make it easy for flyers to receive updates about their checked bags, airport information, or even details about a follow-up offer or promotion.

The Future of Mobile Airline Marketing Strategies

The travel industry is quickly embracing mobile technology as a key pillar in airline marketing strategies. With the right tools and technologies in place, it’s easier than ever for airlines to reach customers and build brand loyalty.

New innovations are coming down the pipeline every day, and there’s never been a better time to get ahead of the curve and make sure your brand stays relevant in the increasingly competitive travel industry. Speak with an enterprise communications expert today to learn how Syniverse’s Hyperscale Communications Platform can help your airline make the most out of its mobile marketing efforts.



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